Quick Facts on Negative-Tone EBL Resist


As a specialist in advanced lithographic manufacturing, you will understand the importance of applying only the best, top-quality chemicals you can find. We offer a range of specialist chemistry products ideal for the micro- or nano-manufacturer in a vast but niche industry. Let us assist you in minimizing waste and saving money while improving your yield and bottom line.

Where can you find negative-tone EBL resist?

You can readily obtain our ‘resist’ (or ‘photo-resist’) light-sensitive materials for your lithography printing process to form precisely patterned coatings on any delicate print surface. We offer a detailed website where you can determine what you need with the help of our detailed datasheets. However, we welcome you to reach out to us via email or telephone with any questions or advice you may require.

Our new, top-quality negative-tone EBL resist will ensure that no light reaches specific areas of your pattern and also renders it ink-repellent. This hydrogen-derived resist is made from a dry silica resin ideal for electron-beam lithography (EBL) and direct printing on thin film.

Please bear in mind that this item contains MIBK (methyl isobutyl ketone), which is highly flammable, and you should handle it with care at all times. We advise you always to follow the instructions on the relevant application sheets.

What else can you expect from us?

Sulfamate nickel plating

If you regularly require protection in your litho manufacturing processes, you’ll know that nickel is your best option.

  • Our sulfamate nickel plating gives you a 99.9% pure deposit without organic brighteners or levelers.
  • We ensure the smoothest, most-even cover from our nickel plating, regardless of the surface’s shape complexity.
  • We consider ourselves a leader in electroless nickel plating chemicals to improve any item and provide excellent anti-corrosion qualities.
  • Our nickel-plating products offer enhanced versatility in three finishes: matte, semi-bright, or bright.
  • You can rely on us to provide nickel-plating that doesn’t require electrical current or anodes to provide uniform coverage for even the most intricate item.

Apart from nickel plating products, we also offer a range of adhesion products, anti-charge agents, and optical substrate cleaners.

You could also benefit from our analytical- and troubleshooting services when it comes to nickel sulfamate solutions. Please browse our site for sample analysis reports and the necessary instructions to submit your samples.

We regularly publish our convenient technical papers to further enhance your usage of our products.

When dealing in nanotechnology, you can also rely on us for advice, analysis, and high-end products.

We take pride in offering only top-grade chemicals that we have researched and refined in-depth to benefit all our customers. Whether you’re in the life sciences, energy, or industrial sector – we can assist and support you.

We invite you to contact us regardless of your questions or suggestions – from analytics to product specifications and reliable uses.

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