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In colloquial language, TMT steel bars are referred to as Sariya in India. Widely used in the infra industry they are meant to provide strength to buildings and other infrastructure structures against earthquakes and other natural calamities. These steel rebars are used in construction due to their two unique properties, excellent bond with concrete,  and high durability.

As the name signifies TMT Bars are thermo-mechanical-treated iron rods produced using cutting-edge technology for high-yield strength bars. These steel bars are used for laying foundations for homes to build hospitals, highways, metros, etc. These steel bars come in different grades out of which the three 500D, 550D, and 550D LRF dominate the market.

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TMT bars not only keep the cement concrete reinforcement in place but also withstand tension and compression forces, thereby preventing the building structure from breaking and cracking.

TMT bars are available in various diameters from 6 mm onwards up to 40 mm for specific usage purposes. 8- or 6-mm sariya are used to make rings or stirrups to hold 12, 10, or 20 or bigger diameter TMT bars together during the construction of beams and columns. They not only hold the TMT bars together but also provide strength by forming virtual small blocks firmly attached together inside the RCC structure and keep the primary reinforcement in place and withstand tension and compression forces, thereby preventing the structure from breaking and cracking.

10, 12, or 20 or 32-mm TMT bars are used to make steel skeletal structures of various RCC structures. The thickness of the TMT bar used in the RCC structure depends on the purpose and usage of that RCC structure. 20 or 32-MM TMT bars are mostly used in the construction of RCC pillars which would hold heavy-duty bridges, flyovers, stadiums, constructing metro rails RCC structures, and RCC pillars of high-rise buildings in other words 20- or 32-mm TMT rods are used, while constructing RCC pillar structures which are required to withstand a heavy dead load of a building or bridges or for constructing walls of civil structures needed to withstand heavy force.  They Provide optimum safety, and durability to the structure.

10- and 12-mm TMT rods are mainly used in the construction of RCC roofs or in the construction of beams required to withstand lesser load points in a building or civil structure.

Sariya Price Today in Hyderabad

Sariya prices fluctuate with the market. It depends on the demand and supply ratio, but it is not that their prices go up and down like the stock market every day. In today’s volatile competitive market, Radha TMT Bars are providing its customers with superior quality Bars at the most affordable rates as compared to any other high-quality Bars of other leading TMT bar manufacturers in the country. You can compare our TMT bar rates on any day of your choosing and would find our rates as the best TMT bars price for that day. You can browse our website to get the best TMT bar price every day near your location.

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