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There are many principles you might have heard about building a better intranet in organization. Some of you might have taken the tips from the internet; while some might have been followed in your organization bluntly for a long time. But not all tips are suitable for all organizations, and your employees might be dissatisfied with a few of them themselves. 

Therefore, every policy and communication tools that you implement in your organization must go through an intense SWOT analysis to know the benefits they will serve you in the long run. So today, we will plant some ideas that will help you think differently about your Intranet!

Systematically Structure and Organize your Content:

Bad directions lead to missing important leads and wrong decisions. But, unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see bad directions when it comes to navigating the Intranet. 

Group according to the task-

The Intranet organized by the department is an obsolete way of managing the firm. Fairly honest, what is this system like? What matters is the task and the work. That’s why it’s appropriate to think about the task rather than the department. Even for new employees, their focus should be on the task rather than understanding the department.

Therefore focusing on the task-oriented approach eliminates the absurdity.

Promoting the Popular Area-

Many people do not know that a well-organized intranet platform can promote popular links. One needs the right leverage to balance the function. 

Intranet can boost sales if used with all the techniques.

Action-oriented Menu-

Instead of having the common and costly top-level navigation items on your website, try adding some action-oriented menu items that are distinctive and have their own separate identity and drill. 

Review the suggestions:

How well do you know your users? You might say you do, but there are deeper things to delve into. The age of your users. How do they access their emails or Intranet, and how friendly do they find the system of organization. Well, on a scale of 1 to 10, ten on ten, it’s recommended that you reach out to the young employees and ask how they feel about the working of your organization, Bet, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

These basic questions tell a lot about how the users work and what experiences do they share. 

A tightly woven bridge:

If your Intranet is another one of the 20-30 applications that a typical worker uses every day, it is nothing but another Silo. A good intranet system should be a well-connected bridge between departments and groups that can easily transfer and collaborate information. In addition, efficient real-time data can give better insight to people for faster decision-making. 

Intranet is a powerful communication tool in the organization that empowers the communication and productivity of the workplace. Less is always more when it comes to efficient intranet tools. Intranet is a slow and thoughtful process, and rushing will only make it worse. GreenOrbit is here to help you in your business. Documents, group chats, forms, workflows, onboarding, calendars, leave requests, experience a complete set of intranet features, and see how you deliver exceptional content in your workplace.

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