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Selling Mill Valley CA Homes – A recommendation by a former client

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” I received a cancer diagnosis and needed to sell my long-time Mill Valley home.  As we had enough on our plate, we turned everything over to Bill Johnson.  He moved us out, prepared the property for sale, and walked us through the disclosure process which included an unpermitted addition. Next, Bill produced a powerful marketing campaign around a video that showcased our home and neighborhood and he got us a great price. Bill then oversaw emptying my downtown office. Bill even drove my wife and two cats to Southern California. Bill was thoughtful, thorough, patient, and understanding as he guided us through this difficult time. We couldn’t have done it without Bill Johnson. ”

“If you are looking for a Mill Valley CA trusted listing agent” I highly recommend Bill.”

  • Empathy

When selecting a Marin County CA trusted listing agent it is important that you not only look at the agents’ sales record but at his or her character. Selling a home is an emotional process for most people. It isn’t just a house but a place where memories have been made. While parting with these memories can be a joyous or a solemn process there is generally emotion associated with this process.

It was important for us to find an agent with empathy.

  • Marketing is also important when Selling Marin County CA Homes

Aside from the great emotional support bill provided, he developed a marketing video that showcased all of the best aspects of our home and highlighted its unique features. Bill is a master marketer.

Bill also developed a robust digital marketing campaign that brought a flood of buyers through our home.

  • Expertise

I had made significant improvements over the years without the benefit of permits and was afraid that the lack of permits would affect the sale of the property. As a former Building Inspector for the County of Marin, Bill guided me through the disclosure process, and by properly disclosing everything it became a non-issue.

We highly recommend Bill Johnson.

Richard L, – Mill Valley


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