Signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning


When it comes to regular house maintenance, it is not just about taking care of the things visible to our eyes but also of things that work under the surface. Dryer vents are one such section of the house that are generally overlooked by many, which sometimes result in catastrophic consequences. Dryer vent maintenance is much more than cleaning off the dust or the lint at the vent’s opening. It is important to call in the best Air duct Cleaning services in Colorado and let the professional take care of it at least once a month to avoid any catastrophic consequences. Here are a few tell-tell signs that it’s time to google “Dryer vent cleaning services near me” and call in the best Air duct Cleaning services in Colorado near you.

#1- Hot clothes or increased temperature of the laundry room.

If your clothes or dryer is getting hot, it indicates something is wrong with the dryer vent. One of the major reasons behind this is the restricted flow of the air. It usually happens when there is lint trapped in the vent. It significantly affects the flow of the air, resulting in an increase in the room’s temperature and also making the dried clothes and dryers hotter.

#2- Burning smell

A burning smell is one such sign that must not be left unchecked. Dryers are generally hot, and the lint deposited in the vents is highly flammable, making them a perfect combination to ignite the fire. Therefore, if there is even a slight indication of any burning smell, it is time to call in a professional to inspect the dryer vent, do the proper maintenance, and avoid any impending doom.

#3- Clothes taking longer to dry or dryer not working

With the advancement of technology, the dryers are getting more and more sophisticated with time. Many modern dryers come with a safety mechanism and will stop working if the temperature of the dryer rises. Furthermore, if the efficiency of the dryer has significantly decreased, it could also be an indication that there is some issue with the vent.

These are some indications that can aid any individual in determining if there is something wrong with the dryer. If you notice any signs, google “Dryer vent cleaning services near meand get your dryer vent cleaned immediately to avoid any catastrophe. Keep your family and dryer safe with professional dryer vent cleaning services in Colorado.

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