You may want to appear like your favourite celebrity having a lean, muscular body. Besides regular exercises, you also need to have good healthy food. Your gym/fitness instructor or nutritionist can help prepare a chart to suit your body type and specific requirements. Those who practice Atkins diet have experienced reducing their carbohydrate intake. Some find it difficult to follow particular regimen and even fall sick. But then following some expert tips can help you to eliminate carbs from the diet without actually having to sacrifice tasty food items. Protein granola chocolate does make excellent choices and are available at leading online portals. 

Tips to eliminate Carbs from the diet the right way

  • Reduce/eliminate the crust: One food item that no person can resist including seniors is pizza. Their crusts are mostly made from refined white flour, undoubtedly an important carbohydrate offender. You may find it tough to eliminate this food stuff from your diet. in such a case, you may choose to have thin crust type instead of the deep ones. This way, you can indulge in your tomato sauce and cheese without having to consume lots of carbohydrates. 
  • Avoid sweetened juice: It is rather a misconception among people that fruit juice is healthy for the body. The whole fruit has plenty of fibre in it, something not present in the juice. The truth is fruit juice contains lots of carbs and sugar. Hence, eliminating such juices from the diet can help do away with carbs source. 
  • Replace Spaghetti: The spaghetti r is quite affordable and a great kitchen invention. You can use this nifty device to convert zucchini, squash along with other low carb veggies to spaghetti. You can also derive other interesting shapes. This way, you can avoid having carb-heavy pasta and instead prepare these for your Tiffin. 
  • Burger and sandwich wrap alternatives: These are really delicious items and tough to resist, especially if you plan to go low carb. Doing some research on the web will allow you to enjoy several flavours present and filled only with low carb that is completely healthy. You may choose lettuce wraps to be placed on the bun for your burger. They also make wonderful alternatives on bread for the turkey sandwich. This way, you can fill your stomach and also consume low carb. 
  •  Avoid potato chips: They are irresistible and do make great bites specially to satisfy those in-between meal hunger pangs. Instead, you may have kale chips that come with low carbs while providing lots of health benefits. In olive oil, you can toss chopped kale, separate its leaves using a cooking sheet. Crisp them in the oven and have it hot or cold as desired. 
  • Switch rice: Similar to pasta, rice is considered to be a carb-heavy starch used in several cuisines. You want to have low carbs does not necessarily mean sacrificing on Indian or Chinese foodstuffs. You may sub in riced cauliflower having similar absorbency and texture. The difference is hardly noticeable if loaded with broccoli beef or curry. 

You may have dark chocolate granola clusters whenever you feel hungry as it will keep you full.

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