What is a Smoker Grill?

If you’re reading the Lone Star Grillz blog, you’re probably a big fan of flavour, and the rich flavour of smoke found in classic barbecue grilling is one of the best. You probably have a favourite local joint where you can get delicious ribs, brisket, and chicken, but using a smoker grill at home is easier than you might think.

Smokers come in all shapes and sizes these days, so this guide will walk you through the different varieties of smoker grills, other related goods, and the various accessories and materials you’ll need to get started smoking in your garden.

Smokers’ Fuel Options

It might be difficult to know where to begin with all of the many brands and styles of grills available. Smoker grills aren’t the only way to give your food a rich smoky taste, so to be sure you pick the proper one, we’ll explain the distinctions between them and their cousins, the pellet grill and charcoal grill.

When it comes to smokers, there are four basic fuel options:

Hardwood & Charcoal Smokers

Smokers and Pellet Grills

Smokers who use gas

Electric Smokers

Charcoal and hardwood smokers are the greatest options for authentic barbeque. Though they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as we’ll see later, the basic concept is the same: a firebox full of burning hardwood and/or charcoal conducts smoke into a bigger chamber, slowly cooking meat while giving that particular flavour and colour. They often necessitate more hands-on attention than other types of fuel, but the return is well worth the effort. While it was originally intended to burn 100 percent hardwood, employing a combination of natural hardwood lump charcoal and a range of hardwood chunks or logs creates a more balanced smoked flavour.

Pellet grills 

Pellet grills are a high-tech, low-maintenance choice for smoky taste without the hassle. They feed hardwood pellets into the fire through an electronically controlled hopper, providing you perfect control over the cooking temperature and needing less attention than a typical smoker. While the flavour profile and texture will be excellent, a pellet grill will not offer the same results as the charcoal and hardwood smokers stated above. Pellet smokers, we claim anecdotally, will produce 95 percent the quality of its hardwood competitors with half the work, making them a great introduction to smoking barbecue.

Electric smokers have a simple design and operation: they use an electric heating element and a combination of a wood chip burner and a water tray to create both smoke and moisture in a heating chamber, simulating the smoke of a true wood-burning fire. As a result, while an electric smoker won’t generate the same rich, delectable flavour profile as a live fire, it can nonetheless come close. These are frequently made in a cabinet-style with multiple racks for your food and are very easy to control in terms of temperature, making them a suitable choice for someone who wishes to dabble in the world of barbecue.

Smoker Grill Styles and Designs

Now that we’ve looked at the many types of fuel available for smokers, it’s time to look at the different types of smoker grills and their features. Although the main premise is the same in all styles, each one has its own unique twist.

Offset Smokers

Smokers with an Axis

As exhibited in this model from Oklahoma Joe’s, offset smokers have an unmistakable pit-master aesthetic with a design that delivers high-quality results every time. The firebox is located to the side of the cooking area, as the name implies, and strategically placed vents pull air and smoke through. This enables uniform exposure on all of the meat’s surfaces and creates a real indirect cooking procedure. This design also has the added benefit of being able to use the firebox for direct grilling, giving you more versatility to meet your needs.

If you have a larger budget and are searching for a high-performance offset smoker, this model from The Good-One is a good option.

Are you prepared to take the next step?

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