What Space Movie Came Out in 1992?

What Space Movie

Do you know anything about the Space Movie 1992? It’s titled Gayniggers from Outer Space, a blaxploitation-themed short film. It was an attempt to mock the other Space films made in Hollywood in the era. People learned about this movie when Redditors urged the users not to search “space movie 1992”. It was a trick used to trick people into searching for the word. The trend caused a stir on Reddit.

The tale of the Gayniggers of Outer Space is about extraterrestrial beings who plan to free men on the planet from the sway of women. They are trying to create an entirely new society of homosexuals. This film is part of the comedy or sci-fi, gay, or genre. Find all information about “space movie 1992” here.

What space film was produced in 1992?

The Gayniggers from Outer Space is an example of blaxploitation in a short film. The film’s director is Danish musician Morten Lindberg. The film was made to be an homage to the genre of science fiction.

The Intergalactic black males from the planet Anus realize that women are on Earth. So they attempt to eliminate women with their ray guns. In this way, the people of Earth begin to be thankful for males of black. The extraterrestrials send an openly gay ambassador on Earth to instruct men on the new way of living.

The film is filmed in black and white; however, it later changes to color like The Wizard of OZ film. The director explained that he used this technique in the film for dramatic effect in order to demonstrate how the world is liberated from oppressive women.

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What did the viewers think of the film?

The film was classified as a gay film. Many white nerds loved the film since they liked the idea of the blaxploitation genre. Additionally, the film was made into an advertisement by a troll organization on the internet known as Gay Nigger Association of America in the year 2000.

However, today, numerous Reddit users are unsure if the film is actually a parody or homophobic and bigoted. Since 2020, a lot of people have begun to discuss different features of the film. A lot of jokes are being circulated over social media concerning the film. There are many memes related to the film as well.

The Co-host on The Joe Rogan Experience, Brian Redban, tweeted, “Don’t Google “SPACE MOVIE 1992″”. In doing so, he also was a part of the excitement of space-themed films in 1992.

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What is the reason Gayniggers of Outer Space is under scrutiny?

A lot of people are enjoying the jokes made about the film. However, there are a lot of negative opinions regarding the film. Some people believe that the film makes fun of gay people. There are also numerous negative remarks about women made within the movie. The extraterrestrials are then depicted as black males. In addition, most topics within the movie are addressed through social media sites.

This is how it has attracted the attention of a variety of communities. Many people ask their friends to look up what space film was released in 1992 using Google. Then, they’ll find the results and then watch the movie.

When watching this film, a few people believe that it is anti-racial. The trick on Reddit began as an absurd joke. However, it spread to other social media and eventually became an auto-fill top suggestion on Google. The motives behind the film are doubted. It shows that it’s not just a parody of space-themed cinema, but also it is a comedy of a variety of things. It is full of gay and racial-based jokes in the movie.

How many naughty pranksters are using the film to make at other people with racist jokes? Many Twitter users applaud the film, knowing all about the storyline. Some are spreading deplorable absconds on space films dating back to 1992.


Space film 1992 is a movie that did not have a lot of impact on the public when it was released in 1992. However, it is now an issue of discussion. It has triggered numerous thoughts on homophobia and racism.

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What Space Movie Came Out in 1992?

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