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The Spelling bee is one of the greatest spelling competitions for children across the world. It originated in the US, but later other countries also started organizing the event. Competitors are divided among different age groups. They have to spell different words as they appear in a dictionary. There are several rounds in the competition, and a competitor needs to cross all those rounds to get to the top. In this competition, participants will face some quirky and tough words to spell. These words are not used much in day-to-day life. That is the reason the Spelling bee is one of the toughest spelling contests as well.

It is important to prepare your child beforehand for the competition. Lots of websites are there that offer you a proper pattern. You can follow the pattern and practice the exercises provided by them just to get a clear idea of how the questions will be. Here are some tricks to prepare your kids for learning spelling for grade 6

Know your current condition:

Before you start preparing for anything, you must know your present condition. For that, you need to go through a set of tests. The vocabulary test comes first. We all have a certain amount of words stored in our memory while talking to others. Now, this stock enlarges with time. The more we meet new people, the more we get to learn new words. These words increase our vocabulary. But a 6-grade baby doesn’t have a huge vocabulary. So, once the kid goes through the process, the system will tell him how many words he knows and the spelling practice grade that suits him. 

Compete with others online: 

The best part of this online platform is that several students from every corner of the world are available here. So,  the student can check his condition here. He can go for mock contests. Spelling bee competitions take place across the year throughout the globe. Spelling bee words are tough in nature, and hence, the competitors should start learning tough words from the very first day of their preparation. These online platforms provide an arena where the student can meet other students from different parts of the world and compete in different spelling bees. The student can get along with others and compete with them. It will benefit everyone aboard. 

Do the exercises: 

The website has spelling assignments and exercises available for all grade students. From grade 1 to adults, all can take part and practice at https://spellquiz.com. If you practice more, it will lead you to perfection. In Spelling bee competitions, perfection is needed. The examinee will pronounce the word correctly. He will even provide the competitor with different pronunciations available against the word. He will provide all the meaning of the word and the root of the word on request. So, the competitor needs to practice a lot. The more he practices, the clearer everything will become for him. 

Learn in a fun way: 

When you learn something in a fun way, it stays with you for a longer time. If you have learned anything in the funniest way possible during school, you must remember it. This is easy, people tend to remember things that are lighthearted, and they remember everything that they don’t need to remember! So, the websites also provide fun quizzes for the competitors. Now, once they compete with others in the funniest way possible, they will end up remembering the words and everything they learned. 


Idioms are easy to remember if you use them in the correct way possible. Use meanings, pictures, and other quirky things for remembering the phrase. This will end up helping the student to understand the meaning and remembering it for the longest time. When you learn something new, try to put a reference with it. You need to remember the reference, and you will end up remembering the phrase or the words easily. 

Learning at one’s own pace: 

Every student is different, and so their adaptive skills are. Some learn fast, and some take time. That is why these websites offer customized practicing options for different students. Adaptive learning is available for all students out there. One can go at his own pace and start learning the words, meanings, etymology, etc. The student can learn the words as per his skills. Everyone has a particular type of knowledge. If one goes according to his knowledge, the learning process gets smoother. 

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