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Sustainable Development Goals 7: Affordable, Clean, Green, and Modern Energy

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Pollution and scarcity of energy resources have become one of the biggest concerns for our planet. The whole world is following the concept of sustainable development goals to save natural resources and the entire planet. If we talk about energy and electricity: sustainable development goals seven refer to affordable, clean, and modern energy accessible to ordinary individuals.

Through this blog, we will understand the SDG goal 7 and how it is beneficial to individuals:


As we all know, energy is the main component of any business, whether it is households, small shops, agro-businesses, or large enterprises. Affordable and renewable energy helps not only individual and small businesses but large industries also to run their business smoothly. Electric and natural gas companies in Alberta is providing solar and green energy at an affordable price.


As we all know that we have a scarcity of natural resources like fuel and fossils, and it cannot last long if we use them at the same frequency. So it is essential to find some more reliable and never-ending sources of energy like solar, wind, and thermal. This source of energy is not only renewable but also very cost-effective. If you live in Alberta, you can find the different available sources of reliable energy with utility and natural gas retailers in that area.


Sustainable means using natural products like sunlight, wind, water, and energy in a way that does not harm the environment and continues for a long time. As we face the problem of climate change, UV rays, extreme weather condition, and pollution, it is vital to use natural resource that is environmentally friendly and does not produce any harmful bi-product. Suppose you are planning to install a sustainable and reliable energy source at your home and house: you can choose the wide range of solar and green energy options from electric and natural gas companies in Alberta.

Modern Energy

What exactly does modern energy mean in sustainable development goals? It means clean, renewable, green, affordable, and reliable energy for the development of all. It can be obtained by solar energy from the sun, geothermal energy from the heat inside the earth, wind energy, biomass from plants, and hydropower from flowing water. At present many utilities and natural gas retailers provide it at affordable rates.

Saving the environment is not only the responsibility of the government or organization but also an individual responsibility which can be contributed through opting the clean and green energy resources.

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