The Best Way To Clean The Car Windows With Car Window Cleaners

car window cleaner
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Best car window cleaner serves your clear vision after dirt, dust and other impurities create obstacles that reflect on your windshield. The best way to clean the car windows is to use non-toxic cleaners so you will not get any irritation in your eyes, scratch the glass or harm the surface of the window. With regular cleaning, your vision will always be crystal clear even when the sun directly hits the windshield, which will prevent accidents and keep you safe at all times while driving.

These tips will help you choose the best way to clean your car windows with a car window cleaner!

Start With Exterior Glasses To Rid Dirt And Built Up Grime

It is tempting to jump right in and start cleaning all of your windows, but you might find you get better results if you wash your exterior glass first. This will also keep dirt and grime from splashing back onto the clean glass. Your car’s interior glass is more delicate than it looks, so be careful when removing dirt with a dry cloth or paper towel (which can scratch some plastics). If you have soap residue left behind, be sure to wipe it away completely before moving on. Otherwise, use either a Car Window Cleaner for full windshields or plastic cleaners if they are available for just your rearview mirror or side windows. Most professionals recommend using microfiber towels instead of paper towels since they will not leave behind any lint.

car window cleaner
Image Source: Pexels

Buy The Perfect Car Window Cleaner 

There are so many car window cleaners on the market. But how to choose a good Car Window Cleaner? Before you get one, read some car window cleaner reviews. They will help you get valuable info about car window cleaners. Then, based on these reviews, you can choose one or two best brands of Car Window Cleaner for your car cleaning. There are so many brand of Car Window Cleaners out there in the market today but choosing the right Car Window Cleaner is not an easy job because most of them claim that they give the best results, but actually, they do not. You need to choose wisely; otherwise maybe your final result will disappoint you.

Use Dedicated Glass Cloth

A dedicated glass cloth is an essential part of any car window cleaning kit. They are simple yet elegant solutions for achieving streak-free clarity every time you wipe down your windshields. Glass cloths are chemically neutral and can be used wet or dry. If they become dirty, simply throw them in with a load of laundry or wash them with warm water and soap. When it comes to automotive maintenance, simplicity is key—and that is exactly what glass cloths offer.

Avoid Circular Motions

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to clean car windows is moving their towel or sponge in a circular motion. When you are trying to clean a window, use linear strokes that move from top-to-bottom and side to side, not up and down and back and forth. This will prevent streaks. Be sure not to put too much pressure on your windshield; it can crack if you press too hard or use a really rough cloth like denim or steel wool (which you should never do anyway!). Also, be sure not to clean your windows in direct sunlight, as it will make them extremely hot; try cleaning your car during nighttime hours instead.

Protect Exterior Glass Sealants

It is one of those things that are not all that important until you really need it. If you do it right, though, protectant can help keep your glass shiny and scratch-free for years. There are several ways to go about it, but most experts agree on these basics:

  1. Use a spray rather than a wipe.
  2. Apply in thin coats rather than one thick coat.
  3. Buff off after application with an appropriate terry cloth or microfiber towel.

That third step is key; not only does it remove excess product, but it also helps fill minor defects like surface scratches left by frequent washing.

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