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The dos & don’ts of shower installation


You might not think there isn’t much when it comes to choosing an affordable Shower Remodelers st Charles, but as plumbers in St Charles, we can tell you there is a lot that must be considered!

There’s indeed a lot to think about, from tiles to showerheads and steam showers to outdoor showers…there’s indeed a lot to think about. Comfort plus Bath believes that the shower is one of the most important aspects of any bathroom.


Because it is used every day, and multiple times if you live with others. The shower is an opportunity to take a little bit of time for yourself, whether that’s preparing for the day ahead or winding down for the evening.

What do you think about shower installation? Has an expanding family negated the need for an additional bathroom? Are you renovating or building? Whatever the reason, make sure you read and learn the important dos and don’ts of Shower Replacement services st Charles, courtesy of our Masterful plumbers in St. Charles.

The dos and don’ts of shower installation

  1. Do think about the two types of showers

Showers are classified into tub/shower combinations and walk-in showers.

Of course, the shower you select is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that there are a few factors to consider for each.

  • If you have young children or are planning to, consider a bathtub/shower combination
  • If you have older kids, or if anyone in your home has any mobility issues, a walk-in shower is a smart choice
  • If space permits, you might be able to enjoy a freestanding tub and separate shower

You mightn’t think it’s a necessary option to make, but as new parents (or soon-to-be parents), you’ll find having a tub invaluable. With a tub/shower combo, you can take a shower or bath anytime you choose.

Nonetheless, as previously said, many bathrooms do not have enough space for a bath. A freestanding shower is commonly the best (or only!) option for a smaller footprint.

If, on the other hand, you’re merely replacing an old or damaged shower, you might want to use what you already have to lessen your burden and ensure it fits!

Do double check all your measurements to make sure they are correct

Our St.Charles plumbers cannot emphasize this enough! Whether your builder is doing the original drawings or your plumber is coming in to start the plumbing installation aspect of your remodel, it’s vital that they obtain the exact dimensions and that everything is properly aligned.

As the saying goes, “measure twice, cut once.”

Your plumber will also ensure all drainage pipes and plumbing fixes are precisely in the right spot to ensure seamless installation of your shower. Any errors throughout your construction will delay the project and can end up costing you more than you’d budgeted for. Once the work starts, it can be difficult to change things around. So make sure you get it right the first time around.

The dont’s of shower installation in St.Peters

  1. DON’T install an outdoor shower in St.Peters

We know what you’re thinking: outdoor showers are awesome.

They’re a terrific way to reconnect with nature, and we’ve all seen them on The Block and other home improvement shows.

They’re fantastic additions to the house.

But don’t forget that this is St.Charles.

We notice many people who are fascinated by the concept of an outdoor shower…

However, we constantly attempt to warn our clients that you will probably not use it as often as you believe.

  • DON’T rush the process

Take your time and do it right.

We know when you start a project that you want it to be finished, but if there’s one piece of advice we can give you…it’s to take your time.

When you rush the process or set unrealistic deadlines, important things will get missed.

Think about your home now and what your plans are for the future:

  • If you’re planning to sell your home in the next 5-10 years, make considerate choices that could help boost the value of your property
  • If instead you’re renovating or building your forever home, ensure your choices now set the stage for your lifestyle 10, 20, or 30 years down the track

Pick high-quality taps, tiles, and hardware, and rely on the professional advice of those around you.

Take your time when you pick out the tiles and the tapware. Take your time when you are measuring the bathroom.

More than anything else, though, you want to take your time when you choose affordable Shower Replacement at Peters.

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