The Specialty of Designer Lehengas


Lehengas have become an integral part of ethnic wear. The adornment of it is no more limited to just wedding seasons and brides. Nowadays it has become a go-to attire for all the festivities and is strongly vouched by the youngsters for grand ceremonies, parties and other events. But what makes a lehenga special and why with so many options in hand, you should always go for a designer lehenga?

Here are a few key points that underlines the difference of a specially curated lehenga from a mass produced one:

  • A designer lehenga gives you the unique look that cannot be achieved from your preferable brands. It gives you the edge that you long for and definitely makes you the talk of the town.
  • Designers always look for a special creation and to curate it they go deep for inspiration, which pops up in their work helping them deliver pieces that are beyond any match and exclusive to you.
  • The fit, size and minute details like the addition of ruffles, tassels, the intricate embroidery, mix and match and more are another thing that give dimension to the designer lehengas and puts out a piece that mesmerizes you with a single look.
  • Ahead of the delivery of a final product, the creative mind sketches, does a swatch check, creates a mood board, reads the market trend,and also studies the wearer’s personality to come up with a design that accentuates the persona.

Whenever you pick up a designer lehenga, you will always see multiple eye grabbing factors in it that follows the wearer like an entourage. The hard work that goes behind in curating one of a kind ensemble includes the sourcing of the fabric, amalgamation of art forms, getting the right kind of embroidery or print, numerous sleepless nights to name a few.

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