To learn more about the best tips and strategies inside an escape room, we spoke to our Game Guides! They’re the ones who greet you when entering The Escape Game. Like, love them so much that their expertise can be used for all sorts of things outside work like steering people in the right direction with clues or help on where they might have missed something. You won’t find anyone else as knowledgeable as these guys – not even close!! It only makes sense then why this group has come up with such great advice regarding how one should play through his/her fairytale adventures: “The key is being able to get into character quickly.”

The Best Tips And Hints For An Escape Room

To learn more about the best tips and strategies inside an escape room, we spoke to those who are experts at it: our Game Guides! They’re always there for you when entering The Escape Game. These people know how things work in these rooms better than anyone else- they’ve beaten them all across America (and even some international locations). And as if that weren’t enough knowledge already, during interviews with each of them individually revealed what not so successful groups have in common before giving advice on being good at escaping games while avoiding their mistakes—super valuable info everyone should hear ASAP 🙂

Tip #1: Make The Entire Team Aware Of What You Find

The first step in any escape room is to search the room. Search it thoroughly and find everything you can but just finding something isn’t enough, you have talked with your teammates so they know which clues point where or when we need a particular object from our inventory!

“You don’t know how many times I’ve seen groups where one person is trying only for them all of sudden gets stuck,” says Game Guide Max about puzzles that others may already solve beforehand–but without communication between group members those people won’t be able to get through their game successfully.”

Groups that communicate and work together are more successful. The key thing to remember is that communication starts as soon as the clock begins ticking down!

The first thing to remember is that when you go into an escape room, your senses are going to be overwhelmed. There’s so much detail and clues everywhere! Max recommends using “yelling out” what items of interest we find in order for everyone else not to get lost or confused along the way too– such as “Here’s a number lock!” Share information with each other because it can help minimize miscommunications like mistakes on either side.

Tip #2: Keep your clues and puzzles organized with a plastic sleeve.

Game Guides suggest making sure you have all of your physical clues in one convenient place so they can easily be found when needed. I put mine right by the laptop, and it has been really helpful since we’ve been looking for some answers!

It’s important to take clues with you as the game progresses. You never know when a clue will be useful for solving puzzles, or who else on your team might find one!

You have a few hours to solve some puzzles and crack codes. You’re in the dark, barefooted with headphones on so that no one can hear you scream as your hands are trapped behind bars or locked away from view – but it’s not over yet! The more clues you give yourself by taking inventory of what we know about this crime (and they’ll all start coming back full circle), then figuring out how best utilize each individual tool at our disposal; be those weapons like knives for cutting ropes or objects made heavier than normal because there are two sides now…whatever helps us get through will become invaluable later down-the-road when.

Groups that don’t escape tend to be scattered and chaotic. So do yourself a favor: avoid being as messy! Easier said than done, right? Just remember these three things – 

  1. Be in the same room as your group at all times or they may scatter;
  2. Create clear leaders who can keep everyone moving forward without getting lost along the way (and make sure those people have plenty of supplies); 
  3. If there’s any chance whatsoever for someone else coming with them from outside forces then you MUST stop this person before he/she leaves because if not – good luck trying to find anyone left alive after everything settles down.

Escape rooms are the competitive, innovative way to spice up any event. Whether you’re trying out a new experience or just want something fun with your friends – we got you! The ultimate secret of our escape rooms? You don’t need to actually make it past those locked doors in order for them to still be amazing experiences; all that matters is having some good times together and laughing over solid clues from experienced teams who know how to do this stuff better than anyone else can hope (they’re pros after all).

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