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The Ultimate Guide To Use TikTok Ads

The Ultimate Guide To Use TikTok Ads

In recent years TikTok has been in trend and has gained more popularity among the audience. TikTok has also created a huge record of influencing people to shop using it. You can use the ads on TikTok to increase your brand awareness and business growth. Moreover, utilizing TikTok ads feature will instantly help to reach more customers. And if you want to know your profile performance, you can leverage tiktok likes counter that helps to know your current likes. It will help to change the strategy, and effortlessly you can beat your competitors. It increases sales and boosts your brand to withstand the other competitors to survive in this competitive world.

Reason To Post Ads

TikTok is a well-grown platform to make better engagement with the audiences. There are about 5+ million active users on TikTok. You can utilize it to post ads and gain a large number of attention from the users. Keep your ads short for the viewers to understand easily. Also, create a catchy form of ads and make them achieve success. If you do so, it will reflect back in the form of likes, comments, views, and follower count to your post and profile.

Types Of Ads

There are five different types of ads on TikTok. They are as follows:


  • Brand Takeover Ads: It appears when you open the TikTok and take over the screen for a few seconds. Later on, it will change into an infeed ad. It also appears on the “For you page.”
  • Top Viewed Ads: It is similar to the takeover ads, but its main motto is developing brand awareness. It takes 3 seconds of auto-play.
  • Branded Hashtag Challenge: Sharing a video using a sponsored hashtag is a branded hashtag challenge. Later on, it will get a response from the TikTok creators by creating and sharing videos.
  • Branded Effects: It allows marketers to design their custom filters. It can be live for up to 10 days and reach the audience within these days.
  • In-Feed Ads: These ads are the standard formats because they allow you to join your ads to autoplay in the “For You Page.” Also, it gives the space for the audience to comment, view, like, share and follow.

Choose Your Objective

The first and main thing for a marketer is to choose an objective for their brand. You should first identify what you want to achieve through your marketing? Later on, you can make a timetable to implement it practically to succeed in your business. Concentrate only on objectives and make a solid move to hit your competitors. Also, if you find your objective, it will benefit you triple the times. So, before starting your ad post, you should detect what you want?

Plan Budget

Budget is the rope that holds the marketers to reach the biggest mountain of brand growth. So, allot the budget and create ads according to it. Planning makes a person achieve success undoubtedly. Discuss different strategies with your team about the budget to make the outcome of the ads in a beautiful way that reaches the audience’s attention faster. It is also an essential point to create great ads.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers are people who have specific fan followers on their accounts. You can create an ad using a suitable influencer for your product and post it on TikTok. Later on, check on your account; there will be an increase in follower count for your account. Also, it promotes your brand to reach globally. Influencers will support you to make it possible to happen in real-time and gain a large number of views count. You can also find your views count lively utilizing tiktok views counter, and with clear ideas, you can boost up your business growth. All these will happen only if you use influencers as a part of your ads.


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