When most people think of commercial cleaning they think of janitorial services. They may be right. However, many commercial spaces require far more than just a vacuum, mop, and squeegee. It’s a good idea to hire a commercial cleaning service for high-traffic areas like the office and warehouse to ensure that your business is kept in tip-top shape.

A commercial refrigerator may handle more than just a residential one, and a commercial deep fryer can cook more than a typical residential model. This leads many to new questions as to whether if at all, you need a commercial cleaning service, or if you should stick to a more residential cleaning agency. The truth is that while commercial cleaning agencies perform very well in many high-traffic commercial spaces, they may not be appropriate for other, less-traveled routes. This is where it may be better to contract with a professional carpet cleaning services company.

Commercial cleaning services:

Commercial cleaning services will provide more than just a vacuum and a squeegee. They have special tools and cleaning processes that can make a big difference. A commercial cleaning service is going to use a bright work area and a hard floor’s surface. In addition, they will use cleaners that are specially trained to clean hard floors, such as vinyl and concrete. If you only have hard floors in one or two areas of your facility, you can still do a thorough job with the assistance of a good commercial cleaning service.

Considering commercial cleaning services:

When considering commercial cleaning services, it’s important to know what kinds of products and equipment they will use. For example, commercial cleaners that specialize in floors will use heavy-duty floor strippers that are made to get rid of dirt and grime. You can also expect a service to use truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment that is designed to handle tough dirt and stains. The right cleaners have all the necessary cleaning equipment on hand and are able to handle high-demand situations.

It’s important to know which types of materials the commercial cleaner uses. Not all commercial cleaners will be using eco-friendly products and some of them will use harsh chemicals. Find out if the company uses recommended non-toxic cleaning supplies and if they adhere to local regulations governing safe workplace behavior. Many areas have tough laws regarding employer health and safety and the right commercial cleaner should make sure their staff adheres to those regulations.

Some commercial cleaning companies:

Some commercial cleaning companies offer onsite management services. This may include polishing office desks and providing other in-house benefits, such as pizza delivery. Find out if the company is interested in outsourcing some of its more difficult work to other employees. If so, find out if it is fully licensed and insured to provide these services and whether the majority of its workforce has been trained to do in-house customer service.

Ask for references from clients:

This is not an obligation that must be fulfilled. But doing so can help you learn more about the quality of the end result you will receive. Find out if the commercial cleaning services you are considering have been referred to and if they pass safety inspections. Ask how long the company has been in operation and whether or not it has received certification. Contact several companies and request information from each. Get several different price quotes so you can compare them.


There are many perks to hiring Commercial cleaning services to clean your office spaces. Cleaning businesses that specialize in office cleaning have the expertise and experience needed to properly care for your premises. They also have highly trained janitors that are able to tackle any task. Most janitorial services have their own trucks with equipment specifically designed for cleaning office spaces. You won’t be stuck doing repetitive tasks or hiring workers who may not be as friendly as you would like.

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