pmi exam

The PMP exam is conducted to give PMP certifications. It is a tough exam which requires a lot of hard work, time, dedication and preparation. It can take months to prepare for the exam. PMP Certification will showcase your project management skills and professional experience globally. It holds a high market value and helps you get more opportunities, jobs and promotion. First, let’s discuss the structure and pattern of the exam.

The exam will have 200 multiple choice questions and the time limit for the exam is 4 hours. These 200 questions will be divided in two parts – 25 pretest questions and 175 scored questions.

The question pattern will be like:


Formula based-15%

Knowledge based-15%


Now, let’s move on to the tips for the pmp exam:

  1. Use the first 10 minutes of the exam to prepare a cheat sheet which will consist of formulas that you can go through during the exam. It is a computer-based exam so no worries. You can prefer training institutes like sprintzeal they are authorized training partners for PMP.
  2. Mark the difficult questions (questions you’re stuck on) and move on to the next one. Complete all the questions you know first then come back to these questions.
  3. Try to finish the paper on time and keep some time for revising.
  4. Read all the questions carefully. There will be confusing questions that can completely change your answer if you re-read them.
  5. Prepare everything from the PMBOK guide. The PMBOK provides guidelines for managing a project efficiently and contains conceptual knowledge of project management.
  6. Solve many sample papers and take mock tests to get an idea of the exam. Review yourself and focus on the topics you are not able to answer properly.
  7. Learn time management. Passing this test is no small deal. You need to prepare well and for that, you need to manage your work time and study time. Some people cannot manage time and end up failing in both jobs.
  8. Keep calm during the exam. A relaxed mind will increase your chances of scoring more. Dress in comfy clothes since you need to sit down for 4 hours straight.
  9. Have a good night’s sleep of 8 hours before the exam. A tired body cannot host a relaxed mind. It is important to be physically and mentally fresh during the exam. You have to sit straight for 4 hours for the exam if you don’t have a relaxed mind you will feel irritated and agitated.
  10. Have a healthy breakfast before going to the exam center. Keep yourself hydrated to avoid feeling drowsy during the exam. An empty stomach can be a distraction for you and you need to be focused during the exam.
  11. Have an idea about the exam software. You can get the information about the exam software online. Knowing about the software will help you to know what to expect and how to proceed during the exam.
  12. Reach the exam center well before time. Many factors like traffic or rain can be a problem for you to reach the center on time. Reach before time as you need to go through a security check first then get familiar with the surroundings, the washroom, etc. so that later you won’t be wasting your time.
  13. Now, although it’s a computer-based exam carry all the things you need for the exams. For ex-pen, pencil, calculator, water bottle, etc. I’ll also suggest you to carry your ID proof and a printout of the admit card or exam confirmation page.
  14. Eliminate the answers which seem wrong immediately. This will make your choice easier.
  15. Spend at least 10 weeks in preparation for the exam.
  16. Memorize the details in PMBOK like the ‘input’, ‘output’, ‘tools’, and ‘techniques.
  17. Don’t waste your time on breaks unless you need to use the washroom. Remember the time will still be passing by while you’re on a break and you will have to go through a security check after each break. So, it’s better not to waste time unnecessarily.
  18. Do not panic on seeing a few difficult questions. Read it again and again and you will be able to get an answer or at least you can make a choice which ones are not the correct option.


Remember hard work always pays off. You know you’ve put a lot of effort into this exam. Be confident and have faith in yourself. Follow the above-mentioned tips and you will pass the exam with flying colors.



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