Tips to Prevent Yourself from the Hazardous Effect of Air Pollution

Tips to Prevent Yourself from the Hazardous Effect of Air Pollution

The combat to reduce the level of air pollution has become global now, and it has been a subject of concern for the global economy almost for a decade. Still, the leaders of powerful countries are failing to come together to make a unanimous strategy to whittle down the rising threat of cancerous and respiratory problems causing air pollution.

You all somehow know that air pollution level is bad and inhaling such poor quality air can be deadly, but this is something that does not preoccupy your mind when taking a stroll in the park in the morning. On the one hand, you are trying to manage your weight, but on the other hand, you are carrying pollutants with you.

There are various types of pollutants, and they do not just linger in the outside environment but indoors too. The most common types of pollutants include particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5), volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.

  • PM10 particles are large that you can see with naked eyes. The dust particles and smoke you can see in the air. The diameter of these particles is not more than 10 micrometres, and PM2.5 are very small fine particles. The diameter of such particles is not more than 2.5 micrometres. They are 30 times smaller than a hair strand, and hence they are deadlier. They can be abundant in the air that may seem to you fresh and clean air.
  • Volatile organic compounds are vapours and gases that arise from the burning of fossil fuels. They can be found in consumer goods like perfumes, room fresheners, paints, cleaners, and the like. 
  • Carbon monoxide is deadly to human beings because it reduces the supply of oxygen to your organs. The most common sources are vehicles like cars, trucks, buses, and the like.

Tips to protect yourself from air pollution

You have got to know the compounds of air pollution, but your job does not end here. You need to take certain steps to fight it off to prevent your health from its damaging effect.

Reduce outdoor activities when pollution is dense

Outdoor activities involve all activities that require you to step out, including going to the park for exercise. Before you step out, you should check the air quality index. This can let you know whether the air is poor, unhealthy, or hazardous.

When air is hazardous, you should avoid going out in the early morning hours and late evening. As far as it is about exercise, you should opt for indoor activities. It will be better if you walk into your room or you go to the gym. Try to do yoga that day.

Avoid cars at least for short distances

If you really want to protect yourself from air pollution, you should contribute to keeping a clean and healthy atmosphere. If you keep moving in cars, the threat of air pollution will continue to rise and engulf many lives. It is always suggested to use cycles.

If you cannot go to your workplace on a cycle, you should use it at least for short distances. For instance, if you want to go to the grocery store, you can ride the cycle. Avoid using your car at that time. The best thing about cycling is it will automatically improve your health as well.

Studies have revealed that the health benefits of cycling outweigh the damaging impact of air pollution. It will boost your stamina and immunity.

Put on masks

Wearing a mask can be an effective method to prevent yourself from inhaling pollutants when you are out. However, masks became popular after the pandemic outbreak. At that time, the concern was whether they were actually effective to stop the virus from going in through your mouth and nasal.

Well, the same concern arises when the subject is air pollution. Wearing masks can reduce the risk. However, if you use the surgical masks, you will not get any protective layer because they are very loose, and dust and pollutants can enter from the sides.

You should wear other masks. However, it does not mean that you can totally avoid taking in pollutants, but it will reduce the risk, and again, it depends on the factor of how well they fit and cover your mouth and nose.

Avoid burning fire at the fireplace

In the cold weather, it may be a good idea to burn fire under the mantelpiece, but this can worsen indoor air quality. You may not realize it, but it can be deadly to your respiratory system. When you burn fire, it gives off some harmful compounds that increase the toxicity in the air. It can affect the air quality of your neighborhood too.

You sometimes do bonfire in your garden to celebrate. Although you can do it occasionally, you should do it less often. This is because it can easily pollute the air. If you are allergic to pollutants, you should avoid burning fire at the fireplace.

Avoid room fresheners

Room fresheners consist of volatile organic compounds that can stay for a longer period in the air. If you are allergic or sensitive to pollutants, you can have allergic symptoms. Make sure that you do not use room fresheners. They do not do much good.

They will rather harm your respiratory system. Instead, you should try to clean floors regularly. Avoid carpet flooring, so dust does not settle down and worsen the quality of indoor air.

Focus on boosting immunity

You cannot change the atmosphere completely, but you can focus on your diet. If your immune system is strong, you will be able to fight off these compounds.

You should eat a lot of fruits and green veggies so you can get antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Take message home

If you want to prevent yourself from the damaging effect of air pollution, you should try to avoid too much time outdoors. Even if you want to exercise, yoga and gym can be better options, especially when air quality is hazardous.

Put on masks, so you avoid inhaling a large number of particles. Eat nutritious food to boost your immunity. A lot of people are falling prey to air pollution and funding their medical treatments with personal loans in Ireland. If you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on medical expenses, you should follow the tips mentioned above to protect yourself from the hazardous impact of air pollution.

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