Top 3 best bed makers in UK to order handmade beds

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When it comes to selecting a new bed, one of the most crucial factors to consider is quality. When purchasing a bed, several factors must be met, such as durability, strength, and a pleasing aesthetic.  Beds should be both useful and complementary to your bedroom’s design.

If you’re looking for affordable yet stylish Handmade Bed Company, this guide will help you narrow down your choices. We will be helping you to find out 3 of the Best Bed Makers UK. 

Hadley Rose 

Hadley Rose is a high-end home furnishings company that sells indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as lighting, fabrics, and décor. The company curator of the world’s most beautiful vintage designs.

Their timeless, updated classics and authentic replicas provide a distinct perspective and an unrivalled blend of imaginative design and high-quality craftsmanship. Hadley Rose creates opulent and exquisite hand-sourced custom furniture and accessories with a great eye for originality, beauty, and innovation. 

Hadley Rose has been in the Furniture and Accessories market for very long time. Also, they have been able to grow and provide wonderful handcrafted beds online, which brings many of the global influences to life. The company has a fantastic workforce with an unrivalled attention to detail.

Hadley Rose sells a variety of products such as beds, headboards, bedding, and other bedroom furnishings. They are one of the UK’s most well-known bed and mattress retailers. Keeping it budget friendly, they are able to provide a wide range of financing options for your purchase. Interesting, isn’t it? 

Elite Bed Company 

Elite Beds Company as we know, is a family-owned and operated business that has been manufacturing handcrafting beds and mattresses in UK for more than 20 years. Elite Beds is a well-known Handmade Bed Company, is one great reason to buy a bed.

Also considered as Best Bed Makers UK. Elite Beds Company specializes in handcrafted beds in the United Kingdom and is a stockiest of one of the leading mattress manufacturers in the country. We are a family-owned and operated bed company with over 20 years of expertise. 

Their success has been based on hard work and passion, as seen by our one-of-a-kind selection of made-to-measure beds. All of their products are created in the UK using high-quality materials and come in over 80 different fabric options.

The company offers a large assortment of affordable beds, mattresses, and bedroom furnishings. They have Devizes, Thatcham, and Cirencester, in store as well as free delivery across UK. Also, they offer a large selection of things to pick from, so whether you’re looking for a new mattress, an ottoman couch for your living room, or a racecar-shaped bed for your kids, they have it in our online store. 


Dunelm provides a reasonably extensive selection that will appeal to individuals who already know what bed they want and are just looking for the greatest deal. They provide some useful filtering tools that might help you narrow down your selections if you’ve been scratching your brain for the previous three hours and simply want someone to tell you what to purchase.

Silentnight and Rest Assured are among the more than ten brands available. They’re largely from the low to mid-range mattress industry, and there are a lot of brands I’m not familiar with. The great majority are priced affordably, which is within most people’s budgets.

Consider your needs while selecting a bed for your space. Make a list of your various requirements, including the size, design, and color options you desire. It’s also crucial to choose whether you want additional storage via an ottoman base or prefer under-bed storage.

Whatever you are looking for, the huge number of options available in our Endurance Beds line will guarantee that there is a bespoke solution that is suitable for you. Finally, the Handmade bed Company you select will be determined by your specific needs, tastes, and which bed best complements the decor of your house.

Above are the Best Bed Makers UK, so you won’t have to make any compromises. If you want the best quality handmade beds and mattresses in the word of their customers, Elite Beds Company in the UK is considered to be the best one when it comes to quality, variety and prices. The fact is that you will be able to enjoy any of these handcrafted beds for many years to come.

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