Top 3 Methods To Unlock Your TikTok Profile Badge Right Now


TikTok is a social media platform for content creation through lip-syncing videos. Indeed, the TikTok network will buzz the profile by adding a unique badge. Also, there are different badge offers on TikTok, but the 2021 celebration badge from last year has been one of the general factors. Fortunately, in contrast to the verification badge, users can get their hands on these profile badges. 


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What Do TikTok Profile Badges Offer In 2022?

Right now, in this competitive world, getting a TikTok badge in 2022 can take years to get your followers. This article replies to the different methods relevant to getting a TikTok badge. Below we will explain how you can unlock the 2021 badge for your TikTok, as it is an appropriate strategy for the 2022 badge in TikTok. Just follow these steps: 

Method 1: How To Get A TikTok Profile Badge In 2022?

  • Open up the TikTok to the page where you can record your unique video.
  • You can see a menu choice on the right-hand side that depicts Reply. Click Reply. 
  • It will bring up a menu with suggestions of questions to reply with the theme of 2021. 
  • Choose one of these and record your response to the question.
  • Once you post the reply, you should close TikTok and then reopen the app and check your profile where you have TikTok 2021 badge. 

Thus 2022 offers a TikTok badge that can also be shared the same way as the 2021 badge or the same as of 2020. 

Method 2: Best Ways To Get Your TikTok Badge

Next, take the following steps on TikTok can be completed as follows:

  • Find another user with the badge, jump to their profile and click the badge. Now choose to Get your badge for your TikTok profile.
  • If you follow through and check out your year on TikTok, it will ask you to share the highlights with your followers. 
  • Make this where you will gain access to the new badge on TikTok.


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Method 3: How To Get Verified On TikTok In 2022?

Apart from getting your TikTok badge, next, look at how to get verified on TikTok. These are the following steps: 

Get Followers

The TikTok algorithm loves people who make their platform active and engaging; where you get viewers to follow your profile will guide you to get the TikTok blue checkmark badge. Further, TikTok encourages accounts that get regular and consistent followers. 

You can even push followers from different social media accounts, which you can handle by revealing your audience to follow you on TikTok. If you are not popular yet, you can drive engagement on the platform to gain more followers. TikTok lets you follow people on their platform, where following people will get a notification resulting in some people following you back. Once your TikTok follows back, your profile will get a notification whenever you post a new video. This method lets you enhance your followers more simply than before. 

Be Visible On TikTok

Are you looking to become visible on TikTok? If so, you should have a compelling story to tell your TikTok followers. It should be something unique where you can help people achieve by sharing your experience. Always narrate a compelling story where you should be connecting with your audience’s thoughts and creating an emotional impact. It must also offer some value and be mind-blowing. 

Try to be remarkable, which is another method to verify your TikTok account. The following process is to create your hashtags to go trending on social media. Apart from this, if you are planning to go viral on TikTok, then start to use TikViral, where you can get followers. 

Enhance Press Release

Press releases are an ideal chance to get verified on TikTok. A press release is a formal announcement of new social media information. It generally follows a prescribed format that includes key points of detail: Who, what, where, and when.

A press release is an effective method to get verified on TikTok with the help of PR software or an agency that assists in sharing news with prominent media outlets. In addition, you can get featured on social media press. 

Press release companies help with media outreach to get featured in famous stories or major news publication platforms like Business Insider, BBC, and more. 


In conclusion, the article explains everything about unlocking your TikTok profile badge and verifying. Besides, you can even become popular on TikTok with your profile badge, where you can gain instant fame and popularity. 

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