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Top 5 things you should know about trekking at Everest Base camp



If you are willing to undertake a trek at the Everest base camp, then this article will help you in every way possible. Undertaking such an adventurous activity is not easy, and it requires a huge amount of courage and encouragement. But what is required in the utmost amount is preparation. It is important to remember that Mount Everest is not an easy place to travel to.


A proper amount of research has to be made before undertaking a trip to that place. In addition, you also have to research the availability of the necessities available. This article will help you explain the top most important things that every person should keep in mind before undertaking such a plan. It is important not only for the safety but also for the necessity of the persons taking the risk of travelling to that peak.


1.    You can also keep THC with you

THC products  act like a pain killer. It is also known to offer you relief from anxiety and depression. If you are planning to go on a trek at Everest then you must keep the magic leaves with you. You can make THC infused tea or can vape it for complete rejuvenation. THC vape pen is quite popular for vaping.


You can buy THC products from the CBDfx online store which will deliver the best and safe to use product directly to your doorstep. Brand matters a lot for CBD and THC products so be sure to choose the right brand so you can experience vaping at the fullest. At trekking, most people get over-excited regarding the quality of the atmosphere which prevails there, and they think of experiencing the best for themselves. That is why they try to walk very fast after the base camp to be the target point at the earliest. But it should be kept in mind that speed should be maintained at almost every cost to avoid uncertain accidents that can happen at such a place. Whenever you feel uneasy or anxious, you can always opt for THC.


2.    Level of Oxygen Drops after the Base Camp

One of the most important consequences that followed after the base camp of Mount Everest was the reduction in the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere around. This oxygen level is likely to reduce tremendously once the people try to move ahead of the base camp.


The oxygen level can be maintained inside the body of the people and carry an adequate amount of oxygen cylinders with them. Usually, the people tend to leave most of their materials, including oxygen cylinders, at the base camp itself. This mistake must not be committed at any cost.


3.    Carry Some Alcohol

Due to the reduction in the quantity of oxygen in the atmosphere, the temperature is likely to drop to a great extent after the base camp. Most people are advised to carry some alcohol with themself to keep their bodies warm. It would help them to prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges that would be coming their way. It is one of the most important points that every person who is travelling to such a risky place has to be kept in mind.





4.    Wear good quality gumboots

Once you reach the base camp, you start feeling that trekking over this location is very easy. It is because of the Limited amount of altitude you have been facing till now. But it is not the case once you reach the base camp. The slope is likely to increase tremendously. Due to the snow-covered mountains, the amount of slippery is likely to increase. Wearing a good quality of gumboots becomes very important to maintain a proper amount of friction and grip. This will prevent the accidents that can happen at this stage.


5.    Wear proper caps and gloves

The speed of the wind is likely to be the very fast rate at this base camp. It is important to keep a set of caps and gloves with yourself to save yourself from the harsh wind that flows there. Make sure that these caps and gloves are made up of good quality material so that they can be in the position to protect you from the action of extremely cold winds which blow them. It is important for the overall safety of the people.



To conclude, it becomes by trying to hold that these pointers are very important to be remembered whenever a person is undertaking a trek to this dangerous place.

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