Top Benefits of Installing Shadow Box Fence


The shadowbox fence is one fence that has been known to have lots of benefits. Though the shadowbox fence has similar benefits as the regular fence, they stand out with other unique advantages that make them a favorite fence. A shadowbox fence is otherwise called a scallop fence. It is usually constructed with alternate boards around the rail with spaces that differentiate it from the standard one. Keep reading if you are thinking of a shadow box fence installed in North Brook and want to know the benefits involved.

  1. It gives room for more light and air

One of the many benefits of shadow box arch fence installation Algonquin is the air and light it brings. The way a shadow box fence is constructed is in such a way that the rails overlap slightly to allow the breeze to come through summer. This benefit also makes the garden a good relaxing spot. Also, the natural light that comes in adds to the environment’s overall ambiance, making the shadowbox fence a suitable choice for most homeowners.

shadow box arch fence installation

  1. It enhances your property value

Many homeowners contemplate making a scallop fence because they believe it is an extra cost. Interestingly, having a shadow box arch fence installation in Algonquindone by the expert in your home adds to the property value. The buyers would even fall in love with a property with a shadow box fence than one that is empty. Therefore, installing it is also a good investment, even as it beautifies your home.

  1. The lifespan of your fence is increased

The construction of the shadow box fence and the material used are a good defense against damage. Most heavy winds find it easy to pull down a regular fence, but the spacing on the installed scallop fence gives it immunity against such damage. Hence if you want to avoid such attacks from natural elements, you can do so with a properly constructed shadowbox.

  1. The fence is pocket friendly

There are various Shadow Box Fence Installation in North Brook styles that will be a good choice for your stylish home. However, wood offers a more economically friendly option. It is not lesser than other materials as it is a popular shadowbox fence selection among many homeowners. If you want to save money and get a good fence for your home, don’t hesitate to go for a scallop fence.

  1. It is a welcoming fence 

Other types of fences are built to keep their neighbors off in a way by the high-up fences. But what the scallop fence does is that it looks inviting on both sides of the walls, making it a good sign for neighbors to stay around and be friendly. So if you are thinking of changing your shadow box fence or doing a solidscallop fence repair in Fox River Grove, then your answer is to give the fence another chance. If you have a scallop fence, it means you have a friendship fence that is worth keeping and repairing if broken.

  1. They are customizable

If you have a shadowbox fence in your home, you can make it into a different look from the general ones your neighbors might have. You can start with customizing the pickets and then the fences’ top to achieve a unique look. All that is required is to look through the different shadow box fence design online and make a pick or modify it. If you already have a fence design in mind, you can give a contractor to help you bring your ideas into reality.

  1. It gives the owners privacy 

One of the top benefits of having a scallop fence is the privacy it ensures. Most people love to sit outside their house without worrying about someone watching how they relax. This fence helps to achieve that. It is not totally opaque as air and light can still pass through, but it is built to secure the property yet give the luxury of a nice breeze coming into the space.


Here you go- the top benefits that make shadow box fence one of the most preferred fences by many homeowners. Hopefully, these benefits will encourage you to mount one in your home or reconsider solid scallop fence repair in Fox River of the one you already have. Happy construction!


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