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If you’re reading this, right, you want to know what are the best types of blogs that make money in 2021. This is a common question, or thought, for people who want to start a blog, but it is also common among those who already have an established blog, but want to make more money through its website.

If you are new to a blog, make sure that when you go through this list, you are looking for the types of blog you are interested in and interested in. It will make the trip much smoother and you can get there faster as you will enjoy the writing and performance of your blog.

Types of Blogs that Make Money Online

To help inspire you, I will include some examples of blogs that make money on each of these blogging particles. You should use this to find revenue-generating ideas, ways to make a money blog again and start online earning.

Business-Related Types of Make Money Blogs

I have divided this into 3 categories, and while the category itself does not mean that you will earn much, the first of these categories seem to have very high revenue blogs. These are the types of business-related blogs and like most businesses, usually, those that solve big problems (e.g., give yourself a very large amount of money) can earn a lot of money.

There may be some realities in different niches, but this should give you a good idea of ​​what kind of category your blog can get into.

Finance Blog

First on the list are financial blogs, and if you are a good person with money, this could be a good choice for your blog. Financial blogs provide financial advice to people, this can be for people from all walks of life, whether you are a college student, debt collector, parent, or have extra money you want to use/invest wisely.

Financial blogs often have very high CPMs when it comes to ads, as advertisers here are highly competitive and can pay a lot more than many niches as their products tend to earn them more money. For bloggers, this is definitely a big win.

Not only the ads you can benefit from, as I said, but the products in this niche also tend to have a higher value, which means that if you sell products/services or partner with some of these products and services, you can benefit from a lot by getting a very small amount of traffic/conversion.

Marketing Blog

This is another problem that many businesses are suffering from, especially in the digital age when the market environment is constantly changing. That’s why a marketing blog is one of the best types of blogs you make money from.

With a marketing blog you can cover the latest trends in certain industries, cover how you can advance on certain platforms or communication channels, and offer a strategy to expand your reach, be it your website, email list, social media channels, or even traditional marketing channels in a modern environment.

Legal Blog

As the world becomes more digital, traditional services are becoming more digital, and if you have a problem, one of the first things most people do is take out their phones and search engines like Google, type their problem. With legal issues, this is no different.

People want to see if they can solve their legal problems themselves, whether there is something tax-related, or to see if what they are doing is legal.

This could be a set of official templates for your blog, a video guide on how to apply for a job in a certain country, apply for a job in another country, how to move to a new country, and so on.

If you have serious legal issues, however, you should consult a professional. And for law enforcement bloggers who want to excel, if you are no longer familiar with them, you can use your blog as a leading network of attorneys from around the world, as they will also be in the new customer market and you can earn good money from commissions by doing something to make a game.

Health and Fitness Blog

Self-help is not limited to the emotional and psychological aspects of life. Most people are looking for ways to improve their physical health and appearance, and this is where health and fitness blogs have the greatest potential. Strength and health-related blogs help students live healthier lives while developing strength and stamina.

There are many different topics to cover when it comes to health and fitness, and we can all relate to one aspect or another, which means that there are many audiences waiting to read your content if this is something you are interested in. Many pro bloggers make a quick 1000 dollars in one day in a health and fitness blog.

Parenting Blog

Sometimes also known as mom blogs as this is often written about moms talking about their first experience. Dads have started chatting this way too, so we’re going to go and just call these parenting blogs.

Parental blogs are about raising your children and cover a wide variety of different family topics. These blogs are a great way to share your experience as many parents seek advice on the same things and you can be a great hand to help them on their journey. Child-rearing blogs cover a wide range of topics, some of which are:

  • Home school
  • Raising young people
  • Managing work with children
  • Travel with children
  • Inexpensive growth
  • Baby food

Parental blogs also have the added benefit of being able to make money and spend more time at home with your kids. These are love projects and regular “fun” blogs that get a lot of attention. “And can you make a living that way?” questions. Yes, you can earn a living that way, and you can earn a lot of money, as you will see below.

Travel Blog

If you like to travel, you visit new places and tell people about your adventures and the various things you have seen, done, eaten, etc. Then the tourism blog can just be your hit. Travel blogs showcase a variety of places and give students inspiration for their next vacation, things to do on their next trip, and ideas for where to eat.

Can you consider yourself stylish and fashionable? After that, it might be time to check out the fashion blog. Fashion blogs can make a lot of money, through affiliate marketing, your products, and then ads are some of the best ways to make money with your fashion blog.

Not only with beautiful photos and stylish clothes, however, but fashion blogs also cover a variety of topics that give their readers value, things like:

Food Blog

If you like to cook and try in the kitchen, or just like to try different dishes and desserts, then a food blog might be right for you. Food blogs are very much about recipes but can cover a wide variety of topics, such as:

  • Baking recipes
  • Fast food
  • Grow your own fruit and vegetables
  • Inexpensive food

Food blogs, such as fashion and travel, can be very visible, which is why working on visible social networks like Pinterest and Instagram can help grow your blog.

Animal Blog

We all love pets and if you enjoy writing your own, then you might like to check out the animal blog.

Maybe you’re wondering if animal blogs can really make money, and I’m here to tell you that they can absolutely, and they do. There are a few great ways to monetize your pet’s blog, such as adding relevant links to your favorite toys, pet, training, and other pet care products.

Pet blogs can cover a wide range of different topics or can be completely reduced to one type. Here are some of the most popular topics on different pet blogs:

Technology Blog

If you are like me, then you can not help yourself with the release of a new technology gadget and look at all the reviews. Technology blogs provide information and updates on the latest tech gear and help influence students to make decisions, as a result, tech blogs can make a lot of money through affiliate commissions.

People are usually already “warm” when they want a review on a particular product so if they click on your article and it is a true review that shows the pros and cons, if the badness doesn’t break the agreement, they can just click on your link and buy.

Since tech products are also often the most expensive items, even if you are a member of Amazon where you earn a very small percentage as a partnership commission, you can make a lot of money through transactions. Gambling is a popular genre on YouTube, but as the gaming world moves almost entirely to the internet, opportunities within the gaming niche are also growing on blogs.

Your play blog can be specific to a specific niche, include an entire industry, focused on a specific topic (such as updates), or you can use your blog to support your presence on YouTube or in a streaming service.

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