A lot of businesses are deploying drones so that they can accomplish a wide range of tasks and the data provided by the drones can help them a lot. Usage of a drone actually helps one with mapping, imaging and a short video so that it can provide with some accurate insights which in turn can benefit the company.

When it comes to drone data capture, one must be clear enough to understand what exactly drone data is and how it can be analysed and used in order to generate reports, and how this can benefit the business in turn.

What exactly is drone data? Well, it is a collection of more than thousands of images that are taken from one flight or more than one flight and then they are converted with the help of imaging software so that cohesive data is set for the business help. The images that are collected from the drone flights can be analysed, measured, and checked and they are also tracked over time to compare the work progress.

There are quite a few types of drone data that are used in the business:

Flight Data

There are plenty of businesses that find this beneficial. They can track their flight data over time. It includes telemetry of the drone, length of the flight, manual flight logging, number of flights and some more. The data that is collected can enable transparency into the drone program which can allow both the management and the pilots to track the program, the progress and the efficiency.

Sensor Data

One can collect and store the drone sensor data which include videos, images, light detection and ranging, thermal readings and photogrammetry.

Key Observation Data

Here, one can allow their team members to store all the key observations and data and make a note on it. It can allow the pilots, the key stakeholders, and the data analysts to store everything in a single place.

Flight Planning Data

One can keep their flight planning data organised including the GPS waypoints, KML files, specific camera actions and even more.

Asset Data

This can help one to track their personal assets in order to manage a proper drone program. Here one can get to see what drones flew for what mission. Then they can track the damage and repairs as well.

Personnel data

With this, one can keep track on mission pilots, their program managers, and any other analyst who is present for a specific flight.

Airspace and Weather Data

Getting access to airspace can be a major key to any program. One can track how the weather is and get access to their airspace which is impacting the mission.

When it comes to drone data analysis, one needs to have the right tools in order to get all the valuable data from the drone program. This can help one to allow all the flight data to be kept on one place and hence the analysing process becomes easier. One can always use a fully integrate software to collect the drone data.

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