To know the best hardwood floor installation services in Venice, you need to understand the different types of hardwood floors. This information will also help you to determine the best hardwood floor sanding and finishing in Compton and pressure washing and mildew removal in Inglewood.

Before we go in-depth to discuss the types of hardwood floors, we should remind you that knowing these wood types and variations will help you make better choices when choosing contractors. Choosing these contractors for your hardwood floor maintenance requires a lot of research and is not an easy task. You will have to make various comparisons and understand the qualities that make one contractor better over the others.

Another reason why this hardwood guide will help you is because as a hardwood floor owner, you need to know when maintenance is required and as an intending owner, it will help you hire a contractor within your budget. Here are some types of hardwood floors that are available on the market:


Maple is known for its whitewash color that can sometimes be perceived as yellow in well-lit rooms. This natural creamy color adds to its charm and makes it a top choice for homeowners looking to install hardwood floors in their residences. It is highly resistant to scratches and scuff marks, making it good for use in environments with heavy foot traffic. The wood has one major drawback – it is not so stain-friendly as all other hardwood floors and will need to be cleaned as often as possible.


It is important to note that not all bamboo is regarded as hardwood, and it is not usually classified as a hardwood tree because it isn’t. Some species of bamboo have the same level of sturdiness as other hardwoods; therefore, this makes it easier for them to be used in floor construction. Bamboo has seen a recent spike in demand because it is cheaper than other floor types, and it can be laid over concrete floors without much hassle. While being an excellent choice, bamboo isn’t water-friendly and can be very tedious to maintain.


Oak is the most common hardwood type, and it is the most sought-after hardwood type because of its characteristics. There are two types of hardwood on the market, and these are red oak and white oak. Red oak is the more popular of the two varieties, and it is stain-friendly and does not require frequent cleaning. This singular characteristic is the reason why oak is in high demand among homeowners. It is durable, and as a bonus, can easily be replaced if you need a change in the future.


Cherry is sought after because of its warmth and natural color. There are two types of Cherry hardwood and these are American Cherry and Brazilian Cherry. The wood has a reddish-brown color that gets redder as it ages, and exposure to light could also accelerate the color change. If you are going to use rugs or other floor coverings on Cherry hardwood, it is crucial that you wait six months before you use it because your floor may have color variations if you cover it up too early. 


American Black Walnut, or Walnut for short is known for its classy look and feel. Walnut has a chocolate brown color and it is softer than the other hardwood options on this list. Just like Cherry, Walnut is a light-sensitive wood. Therefore, you should not use any coverings on it until after six months. If you want a Walnut tree with more color variations, you can opt for Brazilian Walnut hardwood, including pure brown and tan colors.

Final Word

These types of hardwood are just some of the options you have available when you go on the market. When trying to decide the best hardwood floor sanding and finishing in Compton, or when pressure washing and mildew removal in Inglewood is required, knowing your hardwood will help to guide you. Getting the best hardwood floor installation services in Venice requires you to pick a contractor that can meet the needs of your hardwood floor.

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