Visit Alaska to Experience an Adventure of Hunting and Fishing


Alaska is a land of adventure. Among 98 million acres of sportsman wonderland, the river reigns supreme in fishing and wildlife hunting history. Every year hunters and fishermen from far and wide come in search of the best trophy. That river is Nushagak.

Fishing on the Nushagak

The Nushagak River is Alaska’s first choice for King Salmon fishing, king salmon are abundant, and the river also hosts huge runs of Sockeye Salmon and Bright Pink Salmon.

Nushagak’s unimaginable runs of chum salmon, king salmon, and pink salmon are certainly worth a visit, although once on the Nushagak River, you will see moose grazing in the woods or crossing the river, which also allows you to execute a moose hunt. Whether you’re a professional angler looking to catch dozens of King Salmons in one day, a novice angler to experience the Salmon fishing, or just looking for a unique Alaskan hunting and fishing combo trip to share with some friends, you must hire a veteran guide or right outfitter.

From mid-June to mid-July, Nushagak is a paradise for anglers where King Salmon, pinks, reds, and Chinook streams in a lot of bulks. Most anglers would agree that this is the best king salmon river in Alaska to catch Coho. According to data from ADF&G, King Salmon in the Nushagak River has averaged about 90,000 annually for the past ten years. There are more chances to catch the Alaskan King Salmon with other species.

Alaskan Moose Hunting

With the rapid increase in the population of Alaskan moose over the years, there is a growing interest in hunters going on moose hunting in Alaska. Every year, many hunters head to Alaska on various guided and unguided moose hunts.

Alaska offers abundant moose hunting opportunities and a high harvest trophy success rate. With some research, hunters can usually find prey that fits their budget and style. From fully guided hunting to drop-off rafting trips, from floatplane to boat and luxurious lodges to classy camps, there are endless possibilities in Alaska moose hunting for the non-resident.

The key to achieving a great trophy in Alaska is to receive a hunting guide service. This will get you into a remote area with high numbers of quality bulls.

If you want to hunt the giant moose with Outfitters, you’ll be at their guiding camp from September. This hunt also includes a 10-day moose hunt. You will reach Alaska when many beautiful yellow and red leaves have fallen to the ground during fall. This will give you a colorful landscape while hunting those massive Alaskan moose. In September, you may have a chance to successfully hunt a large moose in the forest near the Nushagak River as they go to graze on leaves, shrubs, and grasses. Many moose hunters come to Alaska and set up camps near the Nushagak River to hunt the beast, so the Nushagak River coastal area is a great choice for Alaskan moose hunting for non-residents.

Experienced Guides for Moose Hunting in Alaska

Always go for experienced guides. They make your Alaska hunting and fishing combo trip a success. They will guide the hunt at your own pace to make sure you enjoy your time hunting with them. Your safety, comfort, and hunting success are all major priorities when you are in their camp.

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