Want to buy a used car in Malaysia? These 3 tricks will definitely make you upright

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In this article 3 tips for you when buying a used car!

Question one

When buying a used car, how do you tell if the person selling the car is an individual or a car dealer?

When we buy a second-hand car, if you have to go to the online platform to see the second-hand car, many people will be concerned about a question. Is this car a good car? Is it a car sold by a car dealer? Because many people say they are individual sellers, but they are actually disguised by car dealers. In fact, there are many tricks in it. First, if you go to see a car, it is very dirty. For example, there are some sundries in the car, such as child seats, some foot pads, and some sloppy ones. Check car cam placer x at RM86,800 in Malaysia. For checking used cars visit site like because this site has many benefits. You may also observe after reading this article. 

This is a personal car.

Usually, when the car dealer sells the car, he will clean the car very clean, we call it repair.

Do you know? The person who washes the interior most well is not in the beauty shop, but in the second-hand car market. If you give him 17 ringgits, the car can be wiped just like a new car. But he may use some corrosive or some detergent to wipe the car very clean, or even some spray paint. You will think that it is the same as the new one. In fact, it uses a lot of paint to be sprayed, which is very unhealthy.

So when we look at the car, we don’t buy those cars that have been fully prepared, because you can’t see the use traces of the previous owners. Maybe you drive a car that doesn’t look so clean but as long as it has no flaws. I can tell you that it can be wiped out and you can clearly know what the previous car owner’s habit of using the car was.

In fact, some little girls’ cars are dirty, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t like hygiene. She just likes to throw around and is not willing to wipe it. She does not have the same feelings for cars as men have for cars. At this time, instead, you can prove that the state of the car is good, just like once a makeup artist turns an actor into it. After applying makeup, you can’t see exactly what the actor’s skin looks like. This is a very important point.

So you have to see if the car has been refurbished. If it has not been refurbished, I think it’s not a big problem.

Another point is to see where he asks you to see the car. If he asks you to see the car at their house, such as their basement or their parking lot to see the car.

Relatively speaking, it is safer. Why? Because he can’t run, no one wants to lie at his door. If he makes an appointment with you and he says he will come to you by car, then you have to be careful. In the end, can he tell you the condition of this car truthfully? In order to find a relatively remote place for fear of causing trouble for yourself, you have to be more vigilant in your heart. This is our mentality when we go to see used cars.

At the same time, if you are an individual buyer, there is another point that you may find that several waves of second-hand car platform people come to see the car at the same time.

My Mercedes E350. This time I accompanied one colleague to see the car. In view, there were three people who used uxin and 3 or 4 second-hand car workshops to see the car. as this should be a personal car because the car dealers do not approach other platforms. . People who come, he knows that these platforms can’t be connected at that price, or else there is a problem with the car. But the competition was fierce when watching the car, so my car was shot at the scene with an additional 5000 ringgits, because I knew that if I didn’t add 5000 ringgits, the final speculation would be so high, so my friend and I drove directly to the car owner and went to test the car. After the test, I won’t come back. I got it for him on the spot and booked the car by direct WeChat transfer. So here are some tips for your reference when looking at a car and buying a car.

Question two

Is the certified car on the used car trading platform reliable?

The platform’s certified car cannot be guaranteed to be 100% effective, why? Because many car dealers will collude with the platform to sell the car together.

Because he wants to bet on the probability that if there are some minor problems with this car, consumers can’t see it. After using it for a year or two, I think it will be difficult for many people to turn over the old accounts, and will not sue these people again

for example

I am a worker on a used car platform, and I am specifically responsible for contacting cars. There is a car dealer who is a buddy with me. I helped him make a bicycle. I took the commission, and the car dealer made the money. If the platform finds that I have a problem, what can I do if he drives me away? For many of these people. It doesn’t matter if I am dismissed. The first platform may not be able to find that I have a problem. The second dismissal will cause me very little loss. I took my commission. I helped my car dealer’s friend make money and I can still talk to him. Divide money. So I think the biggest problem on the platform is the same as Didi. It has the responsibility to maintain the order of the platform. But because someone is operating it, it is likely to be messed up by others, just like these drivers on Didi. It’s not controllable with the car owner. and we can not say that this platform does not want to work.  No matter what rewards and punishments it uses, it still can’t stop the selfish desire of human nature. So there’s no way we can do it. How can we do it? Try to avoid risks as much as possible by yourself, and use your own profession and some skills to protect your own safety.

Question three

How should the age of a used car be considered when buying?

For a second-hand car, how old it is depends on your usage needs. If you are buying a car that you intend to use daily, not for fun, I think it’s the most cost-effective one to buy a car for two or three years. At the stage of a new car, the quality of the entire car will be better, it will not be prone to problems, the risk of driving will be much reduced, and the price/performance ratio is quite high.

Because the car’s value retention rate in the first three years was the worst, all the floating prices were wiped out, and there was no need to pay the purchase tax. If you buy a practical car for daily use, you have to buy a second-hand car that is two or three years old. If you are buying a car for fun, it doesn’t really matter. As long as the previous owner of this car, including his predecessor, loved this car very much, and its mileage should not be too much as much as possible. Secondly, the car should be repaired in a good place without major problems. As long as the car does not have major problems, the probability of failure is not particularly high.

If you play an old car, you must have a car repair mentality. This is normal. I think old cars, especially those over ten years old, must have a car repair mentality. As it’s a relationship between oneself and car. You buy a new car without delay. Two or three years of a new car can be very good for you to use.

So buying cars of different ages still depends on what your purpose is

Question four

What should be paid attention to in the maintenance and maintenance of used cars?

First of all, as long as you are not particularly familiar with the second-hand car sold to you, you must perform a comprehensive oil and water replacement and maintenance after receiving it. Why? Because you really don’t know if the last car owner told you what maintenance he did, whether he really did it. We can’t take this kind of risk, especially the vulnerable parts like belts that can cause a lot of risk, try to replace them.

At the same time, when buying a used car, I suggest you go to a shop that is relatively more specialized in repairing it. Why?

Because your car is relatively older and you don’t know the past maintenance history of this car, the more experienced repairers for a certain series of brands may be more accurate in judging and repairing your product failures. a little. If you are in a place where all cars can be repaired or all cars can be maintained, he may not be able to judge the problem with this second-hand car, but he may easily judge it if he goes to a specialist repair shop.


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