Want to excel in your exams? Read below to find the various benefits NCERT exemplar class 11


NCERT is the publisher of the exemplar class 11 books. The book contains numerous innovative questions from every chapter that are based on high theoretical concepts and applications. The students can also get access to the solutions which are available for easy access.


The ncert exemplar class 11 provides to the students the questions and solutions that are understood easily by them. The knowledge of the concepts is imparted understandably and effectively. All the doubts that the students have related to maths, bio, chemistry, and physics can be easily cleared with the help of these books. These are the only subjects for which the ncert exemplar class 11 books are available as of now.


Referring to these books has various benefits. Take a look:


  1. The information provided is reliable

The books designed by NCERT are very authentic and reliable. These books are written by experts in the field. It requires years of experience and goodwill to be chosen as a writer for these books. There is a lot of research done on every topic before finalizing the content of the book. The information is true, reliable and hence shows the students the correct path in the right direction.


  1. The basics are inclusive and strong

NCERT exemplars and books have very strong basics, clear fundamentals, and detailed explanations for the topics. Not just that, it also provides extra information, which is of a very high level. It helps in making your base very strong for further studies as well.


  1. The questions are of a good standard

The questions and information provided in these books are not just limited to class 11. It helps in making your foundation strong. These books can also be referred to for further studies. The syllabus and additional information that is provided to the students can help them for the IIT JEE examinations as well. When your basics are clear and strong with the help of these books, moving to other books later becomes extremely easy. These books give you a great start.


  1. There are high chances of direct questions from NCERT Exemplar books

The information and syllabus provided in these books are so accurate and correct that you will get direct questions in your examinations from these books. Not just the school examinations but in most of the competitive examinations as well you get these direct questions which give you a very satisfying feeling that you took help from these books.


  1. The language used is Lucid

As explained earlier. A lot of research and hard work goes into finalizing the content of these books. Years of experience and knowledge are the basis of preparation. These books must not be given a miss at all. The explanations and content are written in easily understandable language. This makes it very easy to relate and understand the topics well.


  1. Has various kinds of practice questions

If you are aiming to come out with flying colors in any exam that you aspire to clear. Reading is not the only way out. You have to practice well. These books have all sorts of practice questions for the students in the form of MCQs, questions that help in skill development, questions with new concepts, and a whole lot of general questions. NCERT exemplars also have some tricky questions that enable your mind to work harder. This way you can have a lot of practice. It helps you in attaining the desired confidence level to solve all the problems related to the subject.


  1. Saves time

There is so much to prepare for your exams. The syllabus is very vast. You never feel you have enough time to prepare. There are many books which you keep studying and you feel you did not get enough information. The market is full of all kinds of books. You must study from the books that do not waste your time. NCERT books do just that. They understand the value of time. The ncert exemplar solutions for class 11 and questions provided in the books; help you study the right material. Not even a single minute of your precious time is wasted.


Whenever you sit down to study for your exams. Your aim must be to study relevant and authentic information that helps you achieve your goals with ease. It becomes really important to select the books that would not waste your time. You could refer to the NCERT exemplars online or offline. You will never be disappointed. Infinity Learn provides you all the details which would be critical for your success. You must consider them. There is no doubt that the students would do well in their exams if they refer to the NCERT exemplars for preparing any exam that they wish to clear

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