What Are Speech Disorders, And How To Treat Them?


Speech-related disorders may vary from speaking specific words to hesitation in social communication. These disorders may develop in the childhood or adult phase due to side effects of illness, accidents, or brain injury. These problems are treatable with the help of speech therapy. People who perform assessment and therapy processes are referred to as speech-language pathologists.

The best speech-language pathologist in Amherst burg uses techniques to improve communication. The techniques depend and vary according to the type of disorder. Standard techniques may involve language intervention, articulation therapy, and other interactive activities. First, you may need to explore different disorders to understand the therapy techniques. The below points will help you with that-


Fluency disorder occurs when the speech pace is disturbed. It affects the flow of speech, and that’s results in stuttering. In stuttering, a person may get stuck on a word and repeat that specific word. In cluttering, a person speaks fast and merges many words.

Receptive disorder

In receptive disorder, a person faces trouble understanding and processing what others say. Other people may perceive that the person is not interested in listening, but the truth is that the person is having trouble decoding the conversation. The person suffering from this problem also faces trouble following directions. This disorder may occur due to autism, hearing loss, and brain injuries.

Articulation disorder

When a person feels trouble informing specific word sounds, this could be an articulation disorder. With this disorder, a child may drop, twist, or add the word’s sound while pronouncing it. They may call rabbit, ‘wabbit,’ and ‘thith’ instead of this.

Resonance disorder

Resonance disorder may happen when there is a blockage in the air pathway of the nasal cavity. The distortion in the velopharyngeal structure is mainly responsible for resonance disorder. This problem could be by birth or due to neurological disturbance. Experts suggest that speech therapy could be an effective method to treat it compared to surgery.

Cognitive communication disorder

A part of our brain controls our ability to think, and if that gets distorted, there could be a problem in communication. Someone with this disorder finds difficulty in making decisions during the conversation. As the reasoning gets distorted, people may find trouble replying to a conversation on time. People with such disorder also find it challenging to fetch memories related to the conversation. The common causes for this disorder are neurological disorders, genetic factors, exposure to toxic substances, and congenital disabilities. A cognitive-communication disorder is treatable with speech therapy, as training may help the person to improve social skills.


Under this condition, a person experiences poor pronunciation, mumbling, or change in the pace of talking. The common causes are neurological disorders, brain injury, or facial paralysis. A person loses control of muscles in dysarthria, as a consequence, faces difficulty in speaking.

The above disorders are treatable with the help of a speech-language pathologist. The treatment may vary for children and adults. Read on the following points to help you gain more information on the treatment process.

The treatment process for children

One-to-one interaction helps children overcome speech disorders. The speech therapy exercise depends mainly on the intensity and type of the disorder. The age factor and personal requirements also shape the treatment process. It is feasible to have an onsite assessment and therapy in Amherstburg to treat children. The process may include-

  1. Interaction through talking or images. The therapist may also use other stimulating objects that may trigger language development.
  2. Focus on producing correct sounds and syllables
  3. Sharing strategies with family to overcome speech disorders

The treatment process for Adults

The treatment for adults also started with the assessment process followed by therapy related to the disorder. Training is also there for improving swallowing; another process may include-

  1. Focusing on specific exercises to improve cognitive skills.
  2. Breathing exercises to improve resonance disorder
  3. Other exercises to strengthen oral muscle

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