What Are The Best & Tested Crepe Makers In 2022?

crepe maker

Are you struggling to make the perfect and authentic French Crepes in a frying or saute pan? If yes, switch to the carbon steel crepe pan! If you make crepes in a frying pan or saute pan, the flavor and texture will not be the same and, most importantly because frying pans and saute pans are not designed to make crepes.

Because a crepe has a thin and delicate texture, you need to use specific crepe pans like a carbon steel crepe pan to get that distinctive appearance, texture, delicate, and flavor in the crepe. There are some of the tested crepe pans in the market that can do wonders to make the best crepes with ease. So, here are a few recommendations you can consider when buying your crepe pans. Along this, we’ll discuss some easy cleaning tips to make your crepe maker durable.

What Are Two Different Types Of Crepe Maker?

1. Electric Crepe Maker

An electric crepe maker is a built-in heating unit with a nonstick flat surface, which is ideal for cooking crepes. Electric non stick crepe pans don’t require a lot of counter space to place. Also, these crepe pans are easy to store if you have kitchen cabinets. Electric crepe pans are an ideal option to carry on holidays. Suppose you book a rental cabin for your stay and want to cook something delicious; you can make crepe batter for your desired taste buds and cook the thin, delicate, and authentic French crepes conveniently.

2. Carbon Steel Crepe Maker

One of the best crepe makers you can buy is the carbon steel crepe maker with a nonstick-coated flat surface. The nonstick coating on the carbon steel crepe maker is simply amazing. Carbon steel is a material used in authentic French crepe makers. The nonstick coating helps you flip the crepes easily with a spatula.

You should not use any metal utensils on the crepe maker; otherwise, the metal can damage the nonstick coating of the crepe maker. So, if you plan to buy a crepe maker in your budget that doesn’t require lengthy cleaning procedures or makes it easy to cook your favorite delicacies, consider purchasing a carbon steel nonstick crepe pan for sale.

3. Commercial Carbon Steel Crepe Maker

Commercial carbon steel crepe makers are pretty similar to normal carbon steel crepe makers. But the size and weight of a commercial crepe maker are comparatively larger than the other one. Commercial crepe makers are generally available in 16” and weigh roughly 13lbs. If you want a crepe maker for your newly opened restaurant or cafe, then you consider buying this crepe maker. With a heavy base, commercial crepe makers ensure to make the crepes and other delicacies like pancakes and omelets at the right cooking temperature.

Note: If you want a crepe maker that can be used to make multiple cuisines and even pizza just like restaurant style, buy a carbon steel crepe maker for home or a commercial carbon steel crepe maker for restaurants or cafes.

How To Take Care Of Crepe Makers?

Now, as you have an option to pick up the high-quality crepe maker, you need to ensure to take care of them properly. Here are some tips to keep your crepe maker durable for many years to come.

• Do not wash the crepe maker in a dishwasher; prefer washing them with hands and a soft sponge.

• If there is some stubborn stain on the crepe maker, we recommend washing them with lukewarm water and then scrubbing it with a delicate scrubber.

• Don’t wash the crepe maker when it is hot. Let the crepe maker dry for a while, and then clean.

• Just like you should not clean a crepe maker when it is hot, the same way you should not use a wet or half-dried crepe maker to reheat. If you reheat the crepe pan before it is completely dried, it can cause a crack in the pan. Therefore, to use the crepe maker again, wash and dry it 24 hours prior.

• Lastly, as said above, you should avoid using metal utensils on the crepe maker. You can use the spatula, and the batter spreader comes along with the crepe maker.

With the aforementioned tips and the recommendations of the best and tested crepe maker, but the best quality nonstick crepe pans for home or commercial usage and enjoy the authentic French delicacy.

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