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If you’re looking for a new way to impress your friends, improve on your style or just spend a little extra money, mini bongs for sale are a great option. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, these mini glass hit the spot where a larger sized bong couldn’t possibly go. Mini bongs allow you to show off your flair with style without having to go broke doing so. Here are some of the most popular bongs for sale:

Silicone bongs for sale:

Silicone bongs for sale can be made from a variety of materials including fiberglass, resins, and plastic. A popular choice is the silicone bongs for sale because of their affordability and long life span. Although these types of bongs for sale tend to be difficult to use, they are also known for their ability to be air dried, which makes them ideal for use in hot climates.

Different types of bongs:

There are many different types of bongs for sale that all offer a unique way to smoke. Bubble types and water hit bongs for sale are very popular for their unique design. Bubble bongs feature a small spike attached to the outside of the bong. This spike is filled with bubble gum, giving the song the appearance that it is filled with bubbles when it is in fact not. Water bongs for sale are made in the same fashion, except they feature water rather than bubble gum.

joint sizes and diameters:

When it comes to size, joint sizes and diameters can vary considerably. When it comes to joint sizes, the general rule of thumb is that the wider the joint, the cooler the bongs for sale are. Conversely, the narrowest joints are warmer and provide a more even cooler. Diameters on water pipes are measured in inches and a common number is six inches. These types of bongs for sale usually have small tips because they cool faster and produce a great smoking experience.

High quality ceramic material:

The best bongs for sale are designed using heavy gauge steel and high quality ceramic material. This combination results in bongs with unparalleled stability and strength. The durability of these products also makes them ideal for use in extreme conditions such as off roading and heavy machinery operation. Some of the most popular bongs for sale are gravity bongs, beaker bongs, glass and bubblers.

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 Herb gardening:

With the growth of the trend towards herb gardening, many people are starting to use glass and silicone bongs for sale as a portable alternative to drying herbs in traditional open fire pits. Glass bongs for sale are very tough and can withstand extreme heat without buckling under the pressure. Silicone bongs for sale are also popular due to the fact that they are flexible and lightweight. They are typically used for shallow or stream type watering as they are unaffected by rain and snow.

Gravity bongs:

Gravity bongs for sale are perfect for drying out small amounts of dried herbs. Due to their design, they can be stacked on top of each other to increase their height. These are also perfect for percolating water pipes as the increased level of surface area creates a smoking experience. A gravity bong can vary in height depending on the height of the pipe being used. This form of smoking is similar to the formation of a bowl of jelly.


Downstem bongs are also available in the market. The appearance of this bong differs from its counterparts. As its name suggests, the stem of this bong is shorter than the body of the bong. Some of the more common types of downstream bongs include French bong, stem bong, bowl bong and bubble up bong. A downstream bong can also be used as a smoking vessel.

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