What are the types of braces and their cost?

Invisible clear braces

Braces are used to treat the misaligned teeth of a person. Generally, five types of braces are available in the market to treat orthodontic patients. Each class has advantages and disadvantages; however, they are widely used for treating misaligned teeth based on the patient’s choice as per their pocket size and preferences.


  1. Traditional metal braces: this is the most traditional type where metallic wire and brackets are attached to teeth to correct misaligned teeth, making them move correctly by applying desired pressure using rubber bands. They are cost-effective simultaneously and bring excellent results to the user. The disadvantage is that they are noticeable to others, can make you self-conscious while laughing, irritate the mouth and limits your choice of food consumption.
  2. Ceramic braces: ceramic braces are very closely similar to metallic braces but with the difference that the brackets attached to teeth are care carved out of ceramic material resembling the colour of the teeth of the person needing correction of crooked teeth. Advantage: produces excellent results, but because the brace brackets match very closely to teeth colour, they are less visible but cost super high compared to metal braces.
  3. Lingual braces: They too are metallic, the same as the traditional metal braces, but the brackets in this type are attached inside the teeth and are not visible from the outside. Braces are not visible but give you more discomfiture than traditional metal braces because your tongue constantly remains in touch with the brackets.
  4. Self-Ligating braces: In this type of braces, everything is the same as that of traditional metallic braces, except that in this type, clips are used instead of rubber bands to apply pressure to push teeth to move to the right place. They are more expensive but remain visible as the traditional metal braces.
  5. Invisible clear braces: Invisible braces are the best and latest technology to treat misaligned teeth. In this type of braces, no wire or brackets are used. Instead, they are made using custom-made, clear, high-quality biodegradable plastic on a 3D printer. They are the most convenient type of braces to be worn over the teeth. They are straightforward to maintain and remain almost invisible. They help people suffering from crooked teeth regain the freedom to laugh freely. The invisible braces are far better than metallic braces in terms of aesthetics and maintenance. As they are removable, they provide flexibility in eating anything, unlike the metallic braces where a patient is restricted to not eating foods that are sticky during the treatment duration. The invisible braces are very gentle in your mouth and do not cause irritation or itching since they are invisible to others, so the wearer does not get embarrassed while laughing freely.

Invisible braces cost in Mumbai:

It is tough to figure out the cost of these in Mumbai as there are no standard rates for the treatment. However, it is for sure they are the lowest on the ladder of the expensiveness of all types of braces except basic metal braces.


Invisible Braces/ Clear aligners price.

The cumulative cost of Clear aligners or invisible braces used to correct the misaligned teeth of a person depends on several factors such as the brand of invisible braces, the complexity of the misalignment of teeth, place of treatment, number of aligners needed during the treatment, duration of treatment, and location of treatment, etc. The cost of clear aligners or invisible braces can also vary depending on which invisible braces brand or orthodontic clinic you choose for your treatment. Since invisible braces are far superior to metallic ones in comfort and aesthetics, they cost you a little on the higher side. The treatment is generally costly and can range between 50 000 to 70,000 rupees.


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