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What Is Graphic Design? A Beginner’s Guide to This Creative


Whether we are looking at a simple street sign, reading a flex poster, watching a T.V. commercial or playing a video game, we are encountering various products of graphic design. It mostly involves creating visual content to effectively communicate ideas or messages which help to capture the attention of the audience.

What is Graphic Design?

A graphic design comprises a combination of images and texts with attention to lines, shapes,texture, space, font, layouts, ETC. Designers basically use typography and illustrations to meets the clients’ specific needs by analysing and planning these text and images collectively.

Graphic design tools comprise of professional softwares and apps like adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, In Design, etc. When using these tools, graphic designers must always must avoid plagiarism.

The demand for experienced designers in India is greater than everowing to the development of new technologies, the designers nowneed to pay heed to human factors too which sometimes are beyond the competenceof the developers.

To pursue graphic designing as a long-time career, a person must have any degree or diploma in the same and must have a wide understanding of the various designing tools. Courses like B. BA, diploma in graphic designing is considered favourable. An individual is also supposed to have problem solving ability, critical thinking and most importantly an eye to details. Moreover, graphic designing can also be practised as a side hustle serving small businesses.

Additionally, we can also adopt it a hobby which might be of use in the future.The salary offered inthe field is solely based on the experience and the number of projects completed by the designer.

With great knowledge and creative skills an individual can get a high paying job. Some of the famous graphic designers of India are Akshar Pathak, R.K. Joshi, Sujata Keshavan. A field parallel to graphic designing is web designing which involves designing the interface and overall appearance of websites.

A Beginner’s Guide to This Creative

When I surfed the internet for the history of Content writing services, I realised that itcan be traced back from the very origin of human existence itself. The Egyptians were amongst the first to develop communication by picture symbols and carvings. They also invented papyrus which was the first writing material.

As printing and book production developed it resulted in some advancement in graphic design in the subsequent centuries. The Industrial Revolution too led to new communication medium like posters which paved the way art directors as advertising agencies, book publishers were looking for people to create the appropriate content to influence the audience.

Later in the 20th century, with technological advancements designers could expand enormously and could edit stamps, magazine pages, motion pictures, websites, etc. By the 21st century graphic designing became an all-inclusive and worldwide profession with great demand.

Graphic designers have to cater to several interests of the client, addressing their specific requirement. Graphic designing is a versatile field, there are different types of graphic designs. The most common and scattered form are advertisements. A good advertisement usually attracts customers. A designer has to make the Ad compatible for billboards, posters, motions ads, etc.

Logos are very crucial for a company’s visual image. A designer uses typography and illustrations to create a unique visual marker for the company so that it stands out and it also needs to reflect the nature of the company as a whole. The growing demand for digital advertisements also brings new prospects for designers. This could include small animation loops or interactivity in ads.

Such ads are much more flexible to create and it is also catchier.Apart from these, creation of invitation and business cards also fall under graphic designing. The designer has to fabricate a minimal design in a tasteful manner. Motion design on the other hand, involves generating animated graphics or adding motion to a static graphic.

It also includes label designs, some details about the product are legally required to be printed on the body of the product itself and that’s where a designer comes to play.Other fields include vehicle wrap, book designs, merchandise print, etc. Overall, I would say that graphic designing is a vast industry where one has the liberty to express one’s creativity and imagination. 

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