What is polished concrete?

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What do you understand when we say “polish concrete”? We’re not talking about simply polishing or covering the surface. It’s similar to polishing granite or marble in that the surface is delicately ground down using specialized machinery (using something similar to sandpaper but often involving diamond grit). The glossiness of the finished product is due to the physics of the concrete itself, rather than a slick liquid covering.

This technique gives the concrete a smooth surface (from a dull sheen to a high shine, depending on how vigorously it’s polished). Still, it also compresses the concrete molecules, resulting in the densest, most likely resistant condition possible.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

Because of the physical changes that occur during the polishing process, polished concrete floors provide several advantages over untreated concrete floors:

  • Aesthetic value

Do you want to create a big impression? Concrete can be polished to the point that it gleams like glass. It also doesn’t have to be grey: colors can be added during the polishing process to fit your existing decor or make a striking statement. In a hospital lobby, auto dealership, grocery shop, or another business facility, polished concrete can make an excellent impression on customers. In an industrial facility or warehouse, its clean, appealing surface can help boost worker morale. If looking for professional Commercial & Industrial Concrete Floor Polishing Servicesget in touch with us.

  • Durability

The hardness of your floor’s surface can be increased thanks to polishing, which increases the density of the concrete molecules. Polished concrete sometimes achieves a Mohs hardness rating of 7. Making it difficult to scratch or damage, even if you regularly use heavy equipment.

  • Economy

Concrete polishing is a low-cost flooring option that is easy to keep clean. There’s no need to install new materials because you’re using your existing concrete slab. The smooth surface makes sweeping and mopping simple, and it doesn’t produce the same amount of dust as conventional concrete. Depending on the amount of traffic, the shine can fade over time, but it’s easy to restore with a quick touch-up polishing. Scouting the best Orlando Concrete Floor Repair & Maintenance Servicescall us to book your slots today.

  • Safety

Polished concrete often provides better traction than unpolished floors despite its smooth look. If water is spilled on the surface, the shoe will have a better grip (though we still recommend cleaning up spills right away as a general safety).

  • Cleanliness

You may have noticed a fine layer of dust on everything in warehouse environments, including certain home improvement outlets. The nature of untreated concrete is that it releases dust as it ages. The physical changes that polished concrete undergoes, on the other hand, prevent dust from being released. This isn’t just for looks; it can also help avoid product contamination and improve the air quality in your operation.

The concrete professionals at Global polishing solution can assist you if you’re thinking about improving your existing concrete floor. We collaborate with a diverse variety of industrial and commercial clients. We rapidly clean, repair, manage joint/crack issues, providing a final polished concrete finish over the entire facility. We are not here to promote a single system. Whether it’s concrete polishing, a specific floor coating, or something completely new, we’re committed to finding the best solution for you.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can rest assured that the Global polishing solution will not cut corners. We have years of commendable history in the flooring industry, and we are committed to doing things correctly for the best long-term outcomes. GPS is a professional Polished Concrete and Epoxy Flooring provider, not just another Industrial Flooring company near me. Integrating technology, environmental service, and community action are critical to our goal. Our skilled technicians are known for repeatable, on-time results.

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