What is PRP Hair Therapy?

PRP hair therapy

Hair for any individual is one of the integral parts to enhance our beauty. So, hair loss is surely going to have a lasting impact on our self-confidence. Almost 5 out of 10 people struggle with varying problems of Alopecia. There are various treatments for hair loss control and even the implementation of new hair.

Plasma Rich Platelet Treatment – Overview

PRP or Platelet-Rich-Plasma is one such way. It offers a non-surgical way to reduce and reverse hair loss. The entire procedure includes a three-phase process where initially the person’s blood will be drawn to process and finally injected into the scalp. However, there haven’t been enough backups and proof about the effectiveness and side effects of this PRP hair treatment cost in India. However, this process has been in use since the late 80s, so we can rely on the process, and let’s understand the procedure in detail.

The Therapy Process

As mentioned in the introductory lines, this is a three-step process where every step occurs 4-6 weeks apart and the maintenance is needed varying from 4-6 months.


The patient’s blood is drawn from the arm and then put under a centrifugal process where a machine with its ultimate spinning power helps in separating the fluids of unmatched densities.


After a certain time into the centrifugal process, the blood will be differentiated into three layers.

1) Platelet-Poor Plasma

2) Platelet Rich Plasma

3) Red blood cells


Now the Platelet Rich Plasma comes into its action and power. These plasmas are infused in a syringe and then injected into areas of follicles and scalps which need enhanced hair growth.

PRP Injection Preparation

Before such treatment and injections, there are a few steps that are followed accordingly. When a lidocaine solution is applied to our scalps, the treatment sessions begin a bit early. When it comes to reducing the discomfort during PRP hair treatment cost in India injection, local anesthesia is a must.

However, the doctor can decide to inject and apply PRP during surgery only.

1) The healthcare professional, after drawing a certain amount of blood, will decide only after centrifugation where to inject the blood during the process.

2) Doctors nowadays use advanced technological methods like imaging and ultrasound to pinpoint the specific areas to inject.

Advantages of PRP

1) The biggest advantage of PRP treatment is that the blood used is of the patient’s self. So, the diseases associated with blood transfusion reduce the risk where the body can reject or react negatively.

2) After the PRP therapy, there can be mild bruising or tenderness at the injection site but are not long-lasting.

Risks of PRP For Hair Loss

When one goes for an initial consultation, many providers will recommend against PRP if the person is:

1) Taking aspirins or any kind of blood thinners.

2) Chain-smoker

3) Involved in drinking and drug misuse

A patient can also be rejected for the treatment if he/she has been diagnosed with:

1) Cancer

2) Chronic diseases and infections

3) Hemodynamic instability

4) Hormonal dysfunction

5) Systematic disorder

6) Thyroid disease

Another disadvantage to be kept in mind is that insurance plans consider PRP a cosmetic treatment and don’t cover such treatments in their plans.

Other Aspects of PRP injections

1. Tendon Injuries

Tendons are tough and thick bands of tissues, and they are usually slow to heal after any kind of injury. However, doctors nowadays use the PRP method to treat tendon problems and injuries, enhancing the healing process and also helps in decreasing the pain.

2. Post Surgical Repairs

Doctors also use the PRP method to heal different kinds of post-surgical repairs, such as torn ligaments. For example, when the great footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic tore down his ligament, the doctors used the PRP method, and that is how he made a quick recovery from ACL.

3. Osteoarthritis

A PRP injection during the knee treatment is helpful. However, the trial was done on a small number of people, and hence such trials need to be conducted on the bigger numbers for better Conclusions.

Costing of the treatment

Price factors for such treatments will always depend on the (a) geographic location, (b) quality of equipment (c) the addition of nutritive components. However, if a rough estimate is taken, the treatment ranges between $1500-$3500.


So, we can see several individuals surrounding us who all are very tense about their hair loss. Besides all other hair growth treatments, PRP surely has its grounds, but we need to understand that it still does not have enough medical and clinical proof. So, before choosing this one should consult their doctor to watch out for the best-suited one.

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