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What makes a commercial washer different from a domestic washer

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Best branded washing machines, be it for domestic or commercial purposes, have their own sets of uses; it entirely depends on the purpose you need the washer unit to accomplish. 

Commercial washers have much higher cleaning power than domestic washing machines. These commercial washing machines can clean a higher volume of cloth loads in a shorter space of time. But, the more cleaning power comes at a price that makes them unsuitable for micro establishments and domestic purposes. The commercial washers consume a lot of electricity in the cleaning process, so they may not be compatible with a standard household plug. These big washing machines also use a tremendous amount of water, which means both input and output water lines to the commercial washer must be up to the task.

Suppose you are in the market to find the best fully automatic washing machine in India for different purposes and wondering about the crucial differences between commercial and domestic washing machines. In that case, you are in the right place. Read on to find out more.

More Robust features

To fulfil the washing requirements of a broad range of industry-specific settings, one needs to opt for commercial washing machines. These giant washing machines also come equipped with features such as automatic softener and detergent release along with a vast number of programmable benefits.

Several best fully automatic washing machines in India can improve quality and productivity with easy-to-use industry-specific settings. These customised settings can include up to 20 programmable stages, 100 programmable cycles, ten chemical injection ports, spin speeds and soaking options. Such exclusive features are not available on standard residential units.

Speed of operation 

The drying process in the residential washing machines is not that efficient when removing water from the cloth load. Commercial washing machines use higher G-Forces, leading to less moisture left in the clothes once the wash program is completed. Such superior efficiency will offer lower drying times (or faster ironing) and less energy consumption to finish or dry the clothes.

Ease of repair

Best branded washing machines for commercial purposes are designed to reduce downtime, which is costly otherwise. These huge washing machines are crafted with heavy-duty bearings in a cast iron frame, welded steel shaft and spider, and rugged housing to endure an extreme 1,000-hour out-of-balance test. Under such scenarios where repairings are needed, most components are easily accessible and replaceable with simplified access to crucial parts and sections.


If you decide to purchase the best branded washing machine for commercial usage, you might end up spending four to five times as much as you would for a standard domestic washing machine. Usually, commercial washing machines are available for lease; it allows you to get one commercial washer with minimal upfront investment.

Noise level

Most commercial washing machines come equipped with heavy-duty suspensions, solid mounts and sound deadening panels that reduce vibration. It makes the commercial washer perform without making much noise while washing the clothes.

Moisture Detection 

Best fully automatic washing machines in India for commercial usage comes packed with the latest technologies to monitor your laundry’s moisture level, which enables them to stop the washing cycle when the washing load of clothes reaches their desired dryness level. Thus by preventing over-drying, it can extend the life of your clothes. You can also observe a cost reduction in labour and utilities due to increased output.


The manufacturers of the best branded washing machines for commercial usage specify the number of loads these machines can handle over their lifetimes. For instance, an entry-level washing machine for domestic use is typically designed to withstand anywhere between 2,500 and 3,500 washing cycles. 

On the other hand, commercial washing machines are designed for 30,000 or above hours of operation, making them highly durable. Domestic washing machines are also likely to break down more easily when overloaded regularly. In contrast, commercial washing machines tend to hold up better when overloaded, in addition to more savings on repair costs in the long run.

Suppose you are looking for the best branded washing machine or the best fully automatic washing machine in India. In that case, you need to analyse the commercial capacity and requirements for your business first. Then if the budget and space allow, you should be searching for a suitable commercial washing machine.

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