What Parents Need to Know About School Uniforms


Over the last few decades, more and more American educators have started realizing the benefits of wearing school uniforms. Many schools in the United States require students to wear school uniforms. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that school uniforms are on an upward trend in the USA. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, more than 21.5 % of all public schools implemented a school uniforms policy in 2016, more than 13.8 percent from 2006. 

However, the topic of school uniforms is still widely debated. While some parents favor their kids’ freedom to choose their clothing, others see great potential in having a school uniform policy. All studies demonstrate a common message regarding school uniforms: they help make schools safer, build positive learning environments, and improve student performances, including attendance, grades, and test scores.

What are School Uniforms?

Uniforms are specific sets of clothing worn by the members of a particular organization. Uniforms come in different sizes, colors, prices, designs. Currently, they are used in several types of jobs. For example, police personnel and firefighters wear a particular uniform that provides them a unique identity. Moreover, many reputed schools across the world require their students to wear uniforms, reducing the competition and peer pressure concerning fashioned dresses, especially for teenage students.

The uniforms trend is not new in most Asian, African countries as well as in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where uniforms are compulsory for students. Generally, government schools follow one standard school uniform for boys and girls, but private and international schools can decide their own uniform provided they meet appropriate dress codes.

Why are School Uniforms so Important for Kids?

1. It’s More Affordable

Most parents often think that school uniforms are more expensive. This is because each school had followed a specific set of clothing that could only be purchased from the school’s uniform store. But now, many schools include uniforms like khaki pants and white polo shirts and Dickies shorts that can be easily purchased from online uniform providers. 

2. Less Laundry

 When your kids have a limited set of clothing to wear for the week, you kids wear them more than once before washing them. Laundry is significantly lessened this way.

3. More Dress Code Violations

 Every year we often read the new articles of students being sent home because of dress code violations. With uniforms in place, violations can be significantly reduced as there will be no confusion regarding what to wear and whatnot.

4. Makes School Easier

 Getting the little ones dressed for school in the morning can be one of the most exhausting rituals for students as well as their parents. Luckily, uniforms help eliminate that stress and the confusion to figure out what to wear each day. 

5. Less Bullying

The students who can’t afford expensive designer clothes often get bullied, and they always struggle to adjust in the classroom. With school uniforms like Dickies shorts, they won’t be mocked and trolled for their dressing choices. Uniforms help kids to think beyond a child’s appearance and more into studies.

6. Less Gang-Related Activity

 Schools that have implemented uniforms have found less engagement of the students in gang-related activity. In fact, it made the relationship between students and teachers stronger.

7. Improved Kids’ Safety

When students wear uniforms, it becomes easier for the school administration to identify strangers. So, school uniforms can give peace of mind to the parents when it comes to their kid’s safety.

8. Reduced Costs

School uniforms might require investment, but it helps save significant amounts of money in the long term. Since few purchases need to be made throughout the year. Several online uniform providers provide a wide range of uniforms on Dickies girls’ work pants at low prices.

Wrapping Up

Everyone may not like a uniform, but it has proven to be effective when it comes to schools. In many countries, such as Japan, the UK, South Korea, Thailand, a school uniform is considered a badge of pride. School is undoubtedly an essential cornerstone of our kids’ growth and development. A decent and good-looking school uniform plays a crucial role in spreading uniformity, belongingness, and equality among students regardless of their economic background.

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