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What there is to know about Concrete Surface Coating, Decorative Floor Finishes, and Decorative Polished Concrete


Have you seen some beautiful concrete floors online and are thinking about decorative floor finishes and decorative polished concrete for your own home? There are many different types of concrete surface coating to choose from. There are many pluses to having a concrete floor installed in your home. They have a lot of longevity and can last up to 100 years, whereas you get a small fraction of that with linoleum or carpet. It might be due to be replaced before you are ready for a remodel of your home which can be expensive and time-consuming. So what do you have to choose from with decorative floor finishes with concrete?

Acid Staining

Chemical staining is very popular and gives the floor some color. You can choose neutral tones or go for something bolder. It is not necessary to keep your concrete grey by any means.

Water-Based Stain

A little less vibrant than acid staining but there are low organic compounds that are safer for application.

Acrylic Sealers

Good for if the concrete will be exposed to water but shows wear quickly, It makes a good concrete surface coating.

Standard Epoxy

This is the most common way to seal a cement floor. It is durable and looks good. The shiny finish is popular. It is good for abrasion and chemical-resistant floors.

Terrazzo Floor Finish

This style uses chips in epoxy to create a one-of-a-kind pattern. The epoxy pour is deep enough to contain the chips so you can still walk on the floor barefoot.

Quartz Sand Epoxy

This finish is good for when you need a durable floor such as in a garage or warehouse.

Metallic Epoxy

This is great to use in a stylish room that you don’t want people to know is made of cement. You can make it look like a recreation of a marble floor. It will look beautiful as decorative polished concrete.

Concrete Stamping

You can create tile, brick, and slate designs with concrete using this method. It involves stamping the concrete when it is still wet and is mainly done outside as it is hard to do indoors.

Concrete Sealing

Concrete sealing gives a regular concrete floor a nice shiny finish.

Concrete Scoring

Done to freshly laid or existing slabs, this technique can create tile, brick, or slate out of a regular concrete floor.

Color Hardeners

This is often done with staining to achieve darker colors on a concrete floor.

Are concrete floors cold and hard in the wintertime?

Yes, they can be. But this can be solved very easily. When you are decorating your house you can find area rugs that you can change out with the seasons.

Are concrete floors expensive?

Concrete floors are very affordable depending on the finish you choose. You could pay anywhere from $2.00 to $30 per square foot for a very artistic finish.

What rooms should I have concrete floors in?

Concrete floors can work in any room in your home. They make great additions to the kitchen because they avoid stains. They make a bathroom like a spa and have endless design choices for a bedroom.

How do I take care of concrete floors?

Concrete floors need to be sealed or waxed every three to nine months. You’ll also want to mop them with soapy water to keep them clean.

Deciding on a Concrete Floor

There are many reasons for someone to want to look into concrete flooring. They last forever. They are easy to take care of. They offer a ton of design choices. They are affordable. Have you decided to get a concrete floor? You’ll want to make sure you hire a professional.

Hiring a Contractor

Once you’ve decided that you want a concrete floor, you should hire a contractor to get the job done. If you do it yourself there is too much to worry about and there is too much chance for error. There can be issues with moisture and concrete if it is not installed properly which can cause mold to develop. This is just as dangerous to your health as it sounds so be sure to hire someone to install your concrete floors rather than attempting a do-it-yourself job.

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