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What to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanities

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing bathroom vanities. This article outlines six important points to think about. Read on to find out more.

Your Needs

Take stock of your bathroom and decide what your non-negotiable needs are. What is the point of choosing from new bathroom vanities for you? There could be many reasons – such as getting rid of an out-dated vanity, or installing one of the latest bathroom vanities on the market that offers more storage space. You want to get into the headspace of how the room will be used on an everyday basis. How many people will be using the room? Will you need one sink or two? Take a moment to visualise a new vanity=in your bathroom. Ideally, how big should it be to suit your bathroom dimensions?


Take a measuring tape and find out the dimensions of your room, then try to work out what the ideal size of your vanity should be. Ensure that there is enough space for doors and drawers to open, otherwise your choice may not be functional in the way it is meant to be. Be aware of the placement of any bathroom vanities in relation to other fixtures such as the toilet and shower. 

Your Aesthetic

Bathroom vanities come in a wide range of different aesthetics to suit a range of bathrooms. From modern to classic, white to black, rustic to clean lined, so much is available. So to make a compelling choice, you need to know what your particular aesthetic is. You should also take into account what the look of the rest of your bathroom is, as this could guide your decision. You want everything to match to a certain extent, and look well put together. Think of your bathroom as a whole entity, and any bathroom vanities you choose as being one part of that whole.

bathroom vanities


The intended location of your vanity will depend on where your plumbing is installed, so you should check that before going shopping for bathroom vanities. If your plumbing is off centre, freestanding bathroom vanities are good for hiding that fact, and will side-step the need to get your plumbing changed. Wall mounted bathroom vanities are more complex and thus cost more to have them installed. If you’re not sure which type will best suit your current plumbing arrangement, ask a professional to give you their opinion and quote for what you want done.


When it comes to bathroom vanities, sinks are not all made the same. There are many different kinds of sinks on the market these days – from drop-in sinks to vessel sinks and more. To guide your choice, think about your needs and your aesthetic. What kind of sink will go with the look of your whole bathroom, and indeed, your whole house? Does it have a modern or a classical feel? Shabby-chic, art deco or minimalist? You may want to go to a showroom to view bathroom vanities in person or flick through some home magazines to get ideas.

Countertop and Faucet

Just like all the other parts of bathroom vanities, each element must complement all the others, and the same applies to the countertop and faucet. Find a countertop and faucet that complements your sink and verse versa. You should also educate yourself on the benefits and drawbacks of different countertop materials so you can make an informed choice.