What to Expect From a Corporate Marketing Photography Shoot


Are you an executive of a corporation? Perhaps you need professional publicity photography Los Angeles. If you need commissioned photography services Los Angeles to get photos of your whole team, consider reaching out to corporate marketing photography Los Angeles. What should you do to prepare for a corporate photoshoot and what should you expect?

Planning the Shoot

You should have managers pick tasks to be in charge of and include deadlines. Decide who is in charge of everything and what’s needed. You’ll need to determine who needs to be in the photos as well. It would be a good idea if you have a marketing manager for them to be in charge of everything with the shoot and ensure it goes according to plan.

You’ll want to think about the photos a lot to ensure you get great results and that the photographs fit your vision and brand. Having these things decided ahead of time avoids problems. Think on the following:

How are you going to use the photos? Are they for a website or social media? Email or press releases? Magazines banners and booklets? What kinds of photos do you need, such as headshots or full length? Do you need horizontal or vertical orientation? Answering these questions and letting the photographer know will make sure you get the finished product that you need.

When thinking about the business photos, considering where they will be taken will help too. The composition, lighting, and background will depend on where they are being taken. Where do you want the shoot to take place? At your company, outdoors, or in a photography studio?

Opinions about your company will be made by looking at these pictures. So you’ll have to think about how you want your organization to be viewed. The photos will communicate your mission and values. How do you want your clientele to perceive you?

How do you describe the workplace? Is it friendly and fun? Professional? Fast-paced and dynamic? What sort of tone do you want for the photos? Serious? Conservative? Inviting? What look do you want the photos to have? Classic? Polished? Airy?

How many employees need to be photographed? How many team members will be in the group shot? What are the colors your corporation uses? These are things to consider.

Sharing Your Ideas for the Shoot

Once you have considered these questions and have your answers, it’s time to share them with the photographer so they know the timing, equipment requirements, and the size of the team, as well as how you want your photos to look. The more details the photographer has beforehand, the better the photos will come out. You can share this with them in person or via email, but you might have better luck with an in-person meeting. This will speed up the process.

The other benefit of an in-person meeting is the photographer can visit the chosen location and take some test shots to determine what they will need to take the photos. You should also agree on when you get the edited photos, the number of photos being taken if you get to choose from originals, and whether you need any retouching.

Making Time Work for You

Make sure there is nothing following the shoot in case the shoot is longer than you planned. If the photos have a due date that you need them by, have them shot a few weeks in advance so the photographer can edit the photos. The best time to schedule a photoshoot is an hour after the day begins.

Make a Schedule

Include buffer time in your schedule. Consider time for equipment set up and break down. Time management will help in case someone is late or if the photographer shoots more slowly or faster than expected.

Make sure the employees know the guidelines for wardrobe, where to meet, and the duration of the shoot so their day is not thrown off. If any employees have a conflict they should let you know right away for scheduling purposes.

Having a secondary plan for where to shoot if it is outside. Let the building manager know about the shoot to avoid landscaping or construction that could interfere.

If you need professional publicity photography Los Angeles, you might need commissioned photography services Los Angeles to get photos of your whole department. Consider reaching out to corporate marketing photography Los Angeles. Hopefully, you are now prepared for a corporate photo shoot and know what to expect.

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