What Toys Mean to Me

What Toys Mean to Me

What is a Toy?

For the purposes of this article, I’ll be talking about toys that are designed for children. These toys can serve different purposes. They could be used by children to learn something new, to keep them busy or just for pure enjoyment. Some toys even have multiple purposes to serve! Let’s take a look at some different kinds of toys and see what they’re used for:

A Playground Swing : A playground swing is usually made out of wood or metal. It acts as entertainment for kids because it allows them to jump really high in the air and feel like they’re flying! If you ever go to an elementary school playground, you’ll notice swings all over the place. Kids love swings! Here’s a picture I found online that shows how much fun kids can have on these things:

A Stuffed Animal : Stuffed animals are another example of how much fun playtime can be with other people or alone if you prefer not having someone else around while playing with your toy! These soft creatures are great for cuddling up with when watching TV or reading books because they make great stuffed friends. I made Lego jewelry for my stuffed animals, and they love it! Haha. They also make great pillows if you’re ever cold and need a soft thing to hug. It’s always better than hugging a cold pillow. Here’s a picture of my favorite stuffed animal:

A Mini Basketball Hoop : This little hoop is meant for kids to practice their basketball skills with. There are different kinds of hoops that can serve different purposes, but this one seems like the most fun to me because it’s so small and easy to use! I remember playing basketball on these things when I was younger, and we all had so much fun! Here is the picture:

A Lego Set : Lego sets are perfect for those who like building things or those who just love Legos in general. These sets usually include pieces that snap together as well as instructions on how to build something with them. My very own Lego set allows me to build lots of cool stuff with it! From race cars all the way down to buildings, Legos allow you to accomplish almost anything you can dream up with them. I have a picture of the set I play with:

Plastic Army Men : Plastic army men are another toy I used to love as a kid. These toy soldiers come in different colors and sizes, and it’s fun to create your own army using them! They’re also great for playing games like “army man tag” or “army man wars”. My friends and I would always play with these as kids because we loved building our own little army to march around with! Here is what they look like:

A Bike : A bike is one of those toys that can be used for more than just entertainment. You can use it for exercise by riding it somewhere (to school, work or even just around town), you can use it for transportation (getting from point A to point B) and you can also ride them on trails or down hills. Bikes are great because both children and adults love riding them, so anyone who gets one will surely enjoy their time on it! Here is an image of someone having fun on their bike:

A Wooden Train Set : Wooden train sets allow children to build their very own train tracks that run all over your room or floor. It’s lots of fun watching the trains go all over the place, making cool sounds along the way! When my nephew was little he had this set, but he didn’t have any trains yet.


I hope you enjoyed reading my article on what toys mean to me! If you ever wanted to know more about toys or if you have a favorite toy of yours that I didn’t mention in this post, let me know and I’ll be happy to write something about it 🙂

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