What Type of Medical Screens Are There?

3D rendering illustration of an hospital ward privacy screen

Medical screens are particularly more important than any other fabric or curtains in the hospital or healthcare provision environment. Their utility stems from the fact that they are quite versatile, easily mobile and can be translocated from one are of the hospital to another, especially when they have an installed set of wheels. There are different types of privacy cubicle curtains for hospitals. In this article, we will highlight some of these different types and how they are used.

The different types of medical screens:

Medical screens can be essentially classified in four main categories. The categories are as highlighted below.

Wheeled medical screens

These are perhaps the most common types of medical screens in the hospital. The fact that they have wheels makes them maneuverable and can be transferred from one part of the hospital to another. Wheeled medical curtains are the go-to privacy screens for use in general wards, especially when performing bedside procedures. Wheeled medical screens can also be linked together for form pods. These pods can then be used to guarantee privacy to patients who are being cared for in a general ward with several patient in it.

Vaccination screens

Vaccination screens are a specific type of medical screens that have been designed to guarantee the safety of the healthcare provider. They are mostly used to provide additional protection for pharmacists and medical practitioners during the administration of vaccines. They are also instrumental during the collection of blood samples for laboratory investigation. Vaccination screens have a gap that allow for easy insertion of the patients arm when the procedures are performed.

Folding medical dividers

Folding medical dividers are a group of pod kits that are assembled and joined together as folding screens with solid panels. They are designed inclusive of castor wheels on each section. When not in use, the screens are folded together to reduce the floor space that they are covering. The wheels also confer incredible stability.

Medical booths

These are different categories of privacy screens that are modular and freestanding. These characteristics makes installation easy. They have metal components that bolt together and allow the panels to slide in on each other.


When you are looking for curtain installation for hospital, these are some of the privacy and protective screen options that you can go for. Each one of them has different roles and can be utilized depending on need.

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