When It’s Time to Hire a Certified Arborist

man cutting trees using an electrical chainsaw and professional tools
man cutting trees using an electrical chainsaw and professional tools

Tips on How to Help Your Tree Thrive

There’s nothing quite like a large, thriving tree to provide incredible beauty in the spring and essential shade in the summer. However, your trees don’t seem to be as healthy as they could be. In fact, some have even lost their leaves. So, when is it time to call in the professionals? Take a look at our fast guide on how to know when it’s time to hire a certified arborist.


Always Hire a Certified Arborist

A certified tree arborist is a professional who has exceptional knowledge in areas such as tree biology, diagnosing tree ailments, proper tree maintenance, and other areas of tree care. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), an organization that is dedicated to promoting professional stewardship of arboriculture, must certify them.

ISA-certified arborists must continue their education to remain certified, which means they are up-to-date on all the latest techniques in tree care.


When You Need Your Trees Pruned

Even though it seems like pruning your trees is a simple chore left for a lazy Sunday, precision tree trimming services are actually essential for your trees’ health. When you remove branches that are struggling to grow or look unattractive, you’re allowing your tree to dedicate more resources to lusher parts of the tree.

Expert pruning is also critical for your safety. That’s because tree branches can quickly become safety hazards. Not only do you need to worry about overhead electric lines, you also need to keep an eye out for strong winds that may cause you to fall.

To safely have your trees trimmed, just ask your voice assistant to search for “arborist near me,” and schedule an appointment with a professional who has all the necessary equipment to keep your tree healthy from leaf to root.


To Get Rid of That Trouble-Making Tree

Do you have a tree that keeps wreaking havoc on your home, driveway, and lawn with broken and withering branches? You might want to consider having it removed by a professional arborist.

That’s because dying and weakened trees lose their ability to withstand the elements. Eventually, even the smallest storms will cause enormous damage to your tree, which may result in more damage to your home.

A certified tree arborist will always use the latest techniques to save your tree, but some trees require immediate removal, like diseased trees. The only way to know if your tree can be treated or needs to be removed is by getting an inspection from a professional.

A Certified Arborist Can Plant Your Trees for Success

When your tree gets off to a healthy start, it has a better chance of growing to its maximum potential. This means you’re more likely to get more fruit, better shade, and a better-looking tree.

An expert in tree care can also recommend the appropriate tree for the certain location. For instance, there are many areas in the United States that have banned certain trees because of their invasive nature or because they draw certain tree pests. A certified arborist can make sure you plant trees that will thrive in your yard while also not disturbing the landscape around your home.

After they’re done planting your tree, a certified arborist can give you expert tree-care tips and offer services to maintain your tree throughout the entire time you own your property.


Tips For When You’re Getting Ready to Hire a Certified Arborist

It’s important to note there are legal requirements for hiring any kind of contractor to work on areas of your home. Make sure the person you hire has a business license, workers’ compensation, and liability insurance.

Also, be sure to find out if the International Society of Arboriculture certified the arborist. That way you know they are serious about their job, and have demonstrated to other industry-professionals they have an expert understanding of tree care.

Any certified arborist will be happy to answer any of your questions about their credentials. If they hesitate to show you proof of their certification, or don’t want to provide you with their business license, look for another tree care service.


A Certified Arborist Can Protect Your Investment

High-quality, healthy trees aren’t cheap. It could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to fill your yard with young trees. When you hire a certified arborist who is passionate about trees, you’re protecting your investment.

The right arborist can care for your trees from planting to pollinating, so you can depend and bask in their beauty year after year. Plus, you never have to worry about spending another Sunday trimming your trees again!


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