When Should You Consider An AC Tune-Up?


If you love using the air conditioning system in your home, you need to know about AC tune-ups. AC tune-up is a way to keep your AC running with the highest efficiency. The AC technician inspects the unit from top to bottom to ensure all the major and minor components are working correctly in a tune-up process. After all, tune-ups are preventive measures that you can provide to your AC to prevent potential problems. You can look for an AC tune-up service in Houston or your area to tune up your AC. 

During the usage journey of your AC, when it starts acting strange, you should notice that you have delayed routine maintenance. By taking a regular AC tune-up, you can easily save money from expensive repairs. You can hire an AC installation service in Stafford, TX, that offers tune-up service.

After all, do you remember the last time when you serviced your AC with a professional? If you have not repaired your AC in a while, your unit will let you know how long you have been delayed in maintenance. This article will share some warning signs that will let you know your AC requires maintenance. 

When you hear strange sounds from the AC

If your air conditioner has become old, you may hear some strange sound from it. When you hear something new from your unit, you should know that your AC requires a tune-up. Moreover, you can notice these common sounds like a hissing sound, a whistle, a buzz, or an alarming bang in your AC. When these sounds come, hire a professional repair service. You can also repair your furnace by hiring a 24-hour furnace repair service in Houston, TX

An increase in electricity bills

When you see a dramatic increase in your electricity bills, it may be a sign that your HVAC system requires a tune-up. In that case, you can contact a professional AC repair service to get the required maintenance.  

You don’t experience enough cooling

If you are not getting enough cooling in your room, it is also a sign that requires AC tune-ups. Many reasons can cause an increase in room temperature even if your AC is turned one at a good cooling point. For example, if the coils of your AC have become dirty, you can face such situations. Also, when the air filters require replacement, your AC can’t cool your home. To resolve the cooling, you can hire an AC tune-up service in Houston or your area. 

You are getting a bad odor from AC

If you think your AC is emitting a bad odor and experiencing it many times, you need to consider it. You need to fix this issue as soon as possible. There can be many reasons why your AC is emitting a bad smell. For example, if there is a buildup of fungus, a condensate drain line, etc. In all these cases, your AC can emit a bad odor. After all, if a foul odor is coming from your AC vent, it is because the wire insulation requires replacement. 

Your AC has not a strong airflow

After you install an AC by hiring an AC installation service in Stafford, TX, you are fully dependent on it to maintain your desired temperature in your living space. When you don’t get consistent airflow, you face inconsistent temperatures. You may also notice increased utility bills. Further, when your AC provides poor airflow, you need to understand that the unit has clogged filters, a leaky duct, or both. Clogged ducts or dirty filters are responsible for poor airflow. After all, if you feel the air coming from your AC is not strong, the unit requires tune-ups. 

Your AC is not controlling humidity levels properly

You may experience sticky weather in summer or spring. In that case, if your AC has some issues, you experience humidity in your room. Generally, a good working AC automatically maintains the humidity levels of the area. And when it doesn’t happen, your AC requires a tune-up. You can tune-up your unit with a professional like an AC tune-up service in Houston or your area. That’s all. These are some caution signs that tell you about your AC.