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Why Am I Not Getting Likes on Instagram?


The internal workings of Instagram are constantly changing. If you’ve noticed a decrease in likes on Instagram, you might wonder, “Why?” One of the first questions you might ask yourself is, “Why am I suddenly getting fewer likes on Instagram?” To maximize the worth of your Instagram account, you must obtain as many likes as possible.

Here are a few possible reasons why your Instagram likes have dropped recently:

Bots are being deactivated

Instagram automated technologies, such as computerized bots that like and follow individuals, are heavily penalized due to this restriction. Previously, the app had difficulty with automatic publishing. If you see Instagram likes, the first thing to look at is whether a bot has been shut down, as this could be the cause.

The bots routinely submit artificial remarks such as “amazing” or “excellent photo.” Having spam accounts that aren’t real is a concern. Comments and likes that appear to be genuine are not.

Second, your account may have been temporarily suspended

Recent criticism has been leveled at Instagram’s shadowban policy. Anyone can be subjected to a shadowban at any one time. It’s a challenging problem to fix. There is a noticeable drop in activity when you’ve been shadowbanned. When a user is shadowbanned, new users can’t view their posts. In other words, no one will find them, which means they won’t get as many instagram likes as usual. Pay attention because there’s a trap here.

Using the Wrong #Hashtags

A possible correlation exists between Instagram shadowbans and hashtag usage. There are hashtags that, if used, will result in a shadowban, preventing their use. Several factors have led to their abolition: Some are only in place for a short time, while others are permanent. It’s also possible that you’re using tags that have already been taken. In other words, these are the kinds of hashtags that create tens of thousands of posts each day. Even if the words aren’t overused, it’s practically impossible to stand out among a sea of people like that. Spend some time developing unique hashtags for your Instagram posts to stand out from the crowd.

Changes to Instagram’s Algorithm

The chronological feed on Instagram has been removed. You can infer from this that those who follow you won’t be able to view your new posts as soon as you put them up. Since your fans won’t be able to see your material, it’s unlikely that they’ll like them right away. 

Based on how many times a user has liked and engaged with a profile, Instagram’s algorithm chooses which profiles to show to the user. All of this shows that Instagram’s new algorithm places a great importance on user participation. 

Your Reliability Has Decreased

Consistency is essential for Instagram’s success. You may notice a decrease in the number of likes you receive on your posts for a few days. It would help if you took a more extended break from Instagram to get back to “normal” levels. Preparing your posts for the week ahead of time should be done at the beginning of the week. This will help you stay on track. All of your updates will be taken care of automatically after this point.


It is possible that a lack of Instagram likes can be due to a variety of various reasons. If you cannot put a stop to the bots, you will be unable to do much about it. You can control two examples of incorrect hashtags or post at a variable rate. Try to improve the efficiency of your account administration by considering the following suggestions.