Why Choose 3D Platform for Your Next Virtual Events

When various important vital events were either postponed or canceled as a consequence of the global pandemic, the world began shifting to virtual platforms. Businesses started to rely on digital platforms and tools to host significant events that were of great importance to the organizations. The prevailing unconventional blend of events and technology has led to the emergence of innovative features provided to you by virtual event platforms. One such innovative feature is the availability of high-definition 3D immersive virtual venues.

Although there are many more formats of hosting events online like video conferencing, webinars, and virtual meetings, the exceptional tool of the 3D virtual event platform takes your event to a whole new level. It enhances the quality of your event by creating a visually engaging experience. We have walked just a few miles on the way to innovative virtual events, and the immersive elements of these venues are already touching higher heights of success. Not just this but, these features also elevate any event’s success by keeping the attendees engaged. Let’s explore some of the top advantages of choosing 3D for your next virtual. But before that, let’s understand the essence of 3D Virtual Events.

What is a 3D Virtual Event?

A 3D Virtual Event is an interactive online event that is a proper creative simulation of an on-site event. The innovative virtual events software allows designing authentic experiences with the help of advanced technology and tools. You can become a part of this immersive event experience through any kind of device like an event management app, headset, AR graphics, smart glasses, etc. This excellent combination of immersive visual elements and digital content lets the event hosts deliver a great event experience. The 3D immersive tools do not only ensure the success of your virtual event but also maximizes your company’s reach.

Why Choosing an Interactive 3D Immersive Virtual Event can be the Key to your Progress?

The traditional format lets your attendees access the content and information through an ongoing video representing elements like slideshows, images, text, etc. Your attendees can also be provided with the opportunity to interact, communicate, ask questions and doubts through a chat window or comment section. However, this format of online events lacks the engaging immersive experience and concept of hosting events.
Nevertheless, a 3D Immersive Virtual Event is efficiently interactive, with simulated graphics making the virtual venue an environment to explore and navigate around it, similar to a physical venue. In simpler terms, your user can move around, explore different locations at the venue, view the live or recorded content, and also visit 3D expo booths.
Virtual events platform has also made it possible to bring in the engagement tools like virtual escape rooms where your attendees can not just be a part of the immersive experience but also have a fun time throughout your 3D Virtual Event.
Let’s explore some of the top advantages of hosting a 3D Virtual Event.

Advantages of Hosting a 3D Virtual Event

1 Choose Your Own Journey and Experience

Hosting and attending a 3D Virtual Event means creating and deciding your own journey at the event. For example, in a traditional event format, your attendees are made to consume the content according to a pre decided serial format but while attending an immersive virtual event, your attendees get to decide the locations they wish to visit and consume the content they wish according to their choices, preferences, and interests. Like an on-site event, they choose where to go and when to go. Even better than the physical event experience, your attendees even get access to recorded content so they don’t miss out on anything.

2 Immersive 3D Virtual Events Maximises Networking and Engagement

Over the traditional online event format, one person has to speak at a time which makes it difficult for your attendees to network. However, networking, generating leads, and maximizing reach are some of the major reasons your participants attend any event. Following are some of the top networking and engagement facilities available at an immersive 3D event platform:
Immersive 3D chat rooms
1:1 Communication with speakers, exhibitors, and other attendees
3D product demos
Audio, video, and text chat
Breakout rooms
Virtual networking lounges
Virtual expo booths
Virtual photo booths
and many more

3 Immersive 3D Online Events Leave Long-Lasting Impressions

Over a virtual event platform, the creative team can create a customized experience and design an excellent 3D virtual venue to leave an impression that your attendees remember for a long time. The mind-blowing 3D virtual venue environment and surroundings have proved to be far more memorable for virtual participants. Although the concept may sound bizarre, anything is true when skilled 3D designers and the creative team come together.
It’s significant to understand that your event can only reach heights of success if you ensure the satisfaction of your attendees. Hence, create the immersive design your attendees will never forget!

4 Immersive Virtual Events Takes your Virtual Events to a Whole New Level

An immersive 3D virtual event lets you include various advanced interactive and engaging tools that can ensure the success of your event. These tools include effective social media integration, calibration, navigation-related contests and rewards, content access, gamification, entertaining sessions over well-designed locations, sponsorship elements, and the list goes on. Learning was never this easy and fun but with the help of immersive virtual event tools, gaining significant information has become a part of fun activities organized over the virtual venue.
Also, with the help of a calibration tool at the virtual event venue, you can run contests and provide rewards to the attendees who make the most impressions on the platform. All these activities excellently elevate the quality of your virtual event.

5 3D Virtual Events Can Collect Valuable Data

An efficient virtual event venue provides you with the opportunity to record all the event data and reports based on your attendees’ responses. Earlier, this task was impossible to imagine but now every impression at your event can be recorded and analyzed. These records further help you in comprehending the success of your virtual event as well as facilitates you with an idea for your future 3D events.

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