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CBSE Noida Schools in Noida are one of the most popular schools in the city for their quality of education and focus on holistic development.

Noida schools aim to provide a rich, all-around and stimulating educational experience to each child. This means that they include not just academics but also activities such as music, dance, art, drama, and sports. 

The School CBSE curriculum covers a broad range of subjects including traditional core subjects like English and Maths but also science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Why are CBSE Noida Schools Better than others? 

Schools in Noida have various curriculums like CBSE and ICSE boards. CBSE is widely regarded as one of the best and most convenient boards in the country. 

There are many reasons why CBSE is one of the most convenient boards all over the country. Since it is widely spread and known, it is easier to find schools that adopt this curriculum. Schools in CBSE have standardized books (NCERT books). 

This board also helps out with the college entrance exams and covers a good lot of syllabuses that we asked for in various competitive and entrance exams all over India. The main focus of CBSE Noida Schools lies in math and science concepts and comparatively less in language subjects. 

This board is suitable especially for those parents who have relocating jobs where parents have to move from city to city and state to state along with their children. Schools that follow this curriculum are easy to find due to them being quite widespread across India. 

 The main advantages that CBSE schools provide are:-

  • A global perspective for children
  • Bigger pool of subjects and variety
  • Yearly exam and certification

History and objective of CBSE curriculum at Noida Schools

The CBSE curriculum is based on the National Curriculum Framework 2005 and provides a myriad of opportunities to the students. It encourages students to explore their inner potential and enhance self-awareness. 

The use of technology is being taught along with sustainable development and teaches it all for the betterment of humanity. The students are promoted to be independent, set their own goals, and acquire skills and knowledge for a lifetime. The students’ physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive abilities and skills are also polished and better. 

The curriculum can be applicable for both public and private schools, and it is controlled and managed by the Union Government of India. According to statistics, 21,271 schools in India are affiliated with CBSE. 

In 1962, there were just 309 schools, but with time this curriculum gained a lot of popularity and was being adopted by many schools and is still being adopted actively by many private and international schools.


Why most parents opt for the CBSE curriculum at Noida schools is because of a lot of reasons. It is recognized by the government and has an easy approach towards studies. As stated above already, the CBSE syllabus is designed to prepare students for further studies and entrance exams. 

This board is designed keeping in mind that the students do not have to face a lot of pressure and it is comparatively a lot student-friendly than the other state boards. And this is why parents prefer to get their children’s admission in CBSE schools for better education.

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