Why Do You Need Cloud-Based Access Control For Your Premises?


With the onset rise of crime and security breaches at residential and commercial spaces, you must look down to secure your security and protect your premises from unwanted visitors. It is your premises that need to be secured and protected. Cloud-based access control access you grant to surveillance services is a crucial aspect that every business holds onto for smooth functioning.

Business owners already using cloud-based access control in Los Angeles have agreed that the services are practical and easy to use. They could easily access spaces in their office and keep a check on their premises by sitting on their couch.

Apart from being easy to use, they offer you a complete solution under one dashboard where you can check from previously-stored videos in high quality with a single click. You don’t have to worry about data breaches as the services are encrypted. Below are some of the benefits mentioned.

What is cloud-based access control? 

Cloud-based access control is generally known for the surveillance services used by companies for security purposes and safeguarding their premises. Cloud-based access control systems are designed for IoT video solutions to make them faster and cheaper for clients. These video services offer end-to-end solutions. The video captured and stored is securely stored on the cloud.

Terapixels Systems is a trusted name for cloud-based surveillance camera systems in the region, offering unmatched services at competitive pricing. They have simplified the complex process of providing their client’s easy-to-use services and taking care of all the hardware and technicalities that help commercial and residential owners save time and money. Therefore, they have made it possible by offering a sense of safety and security at fair pricing.

Surveillance camera systems offer a wide range of services, i.e., hybrid IP, multi-sensor and thermal cameras, cloud-based cameras, wireless cameras, and other essential services like large format displays. For example, Terapixels Systems have been offering secure video surveillance solutions that you can access any time to check saved videos on the cloud from anywhere around the world.

Essential benefits of cloud-based Surveillance systems:

You can enjoy several benefits from having a cloud-based access control system like CCTC surveillance. Different camera systems have different roles to play and can be easily accessed and serve the purpose of commercial and residential owners. Below are some of these benefits:

Easy and convenient:

As mentioned earlier, these cloud-based surveillance systems are easy to use. They offer a complete view of different corners of your premises by providing vast-angle and are very responsive. In other words, you can control and have a thorough look at your building with just one click and ensure the safety of your valuable things.

These cloud-based surveillance systems are easy to install at many cheap rates without burning a hole in your pocket. Since they are cost-effective and offer secure solutions, commercial and residential owners adopt them faster, i.e., for their doorbells and office spaces where they can keep a check if not physically present.

High-quality camera systems:

Most people know that the camera system can be remotely accessed and helps secure their premises. But the most important thing is to understand your requirement as these camera systems are offered in various qualities, i.e., 4K, megapixels, thermal, multi-sensor, and IP cameras. With all these high-quality camera systems, similar infrastructure must be installed to seamlessly store all the data in original quality and make it easy to access whenever required.

Terapixels Systems have been an exemplary service when it comes to security solutions. They have been securing premises of hotels, hospitals, offices with their cloud-based surveillance platforms that are simplified and require a lower up-front cost.

Add a sense of security to the premises:

The relevance of cloud-based security systems has been increasing with time, as one can have control of every corner of the premises, keep a check on what is going on in the office, and secure important files and data. Many commercial spaces like hotels, large office spaces, hospitals require a security system. Even when you get a remote-based surveillance system at your residence, you can leave your home and at the same time keep a check. Thus, offering you peace of mind and a sense of security for your valuables.


Now that you know some of the benefits that you can have from a cloud-based access control system, why not secure your premises with the latest security solutions. To get the best quality cloud-based access and CCTV installation services in California at a reduced cost, make sure to contact Terapixels Systems.

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