Why Does Every Company Prefer to Use Kraft for Packaging?

Custom Kraft Pillow Boxes

Kraft paper is famous in the packaging industry since it is environmentally benign and can reduce the ever-growing pollution issue. Therefore, using custom kraft pillow boxes is ideal.

Enterprises that look after the world and go green for the value of their goods win consumers’ loyalty since people choose brands that do not damage the environment.

A range of packing materials with various characteristics makes it difficult for the company owner to choose. Here you will get a comprehensive guide to learn more about Kraft paper and why you should prefer it for the packaging of your goods:

Packaging is the brand. It’s a truth!

Yes, the packaging is a brand and displays the manufacturer’s standard. Eco-conscious individuals focus on the packing box boxes and assess the quality of the goods, as well as focus on the company’s effort to ensure that the land is safe to breathe. Eco-friendly Kraft Packaging is a great method to represent a brand as a consumer and the globe. The packaging business obtains 30 percent more customers’ attention. Also, 52 percent of consumers who like to get their package in bespoke boxes will become the company’s frequent clients. Custom kraft pillow boxes perform very well in boosting sales since consumers feel pleasant for personalizing the packaging.

Useful for Strong Packaging

Kraft meaning force. Kraft is a German term meaning ‘force,’ and the name was given to the material as wood pulp has been treated with specific chemical compounds, and its strength increases. For the first time in 1880, Carl F. Dahl made Kraft paper and removed lignin from the pulp, and processed cellulose with sulfates that made Kraft paper. The response to cellulose and chemical compounds that the Kraft paper produces is thus the pillar of its strength.

Natural Kraft paper is resilient; when it is not bleached, it comes in light brown color. Thus, companies like to use Kraft Pillow Boxes to meet their packaging demands. When you put pressure on it, it can bear the weight of heavy goods. The strongest option for packing was developed years ago and is still popular.

Kraft is a renowned packaging choice

Kraft material is a renowned packaging option. Thus, more and more companies are working towards the creation of custom kraft pillow boxes. It receives consumers’ support from the brand for the following reasons:

Environmentally friendly protect the earth

Kraft has no detrimental effect on the environment and never contributes to polluting the air. The item is 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable. Also, you can enhance the value of your items if you use the recycling symbol on the box. Thus, Kraft is the favorite packaging material for companies to enclose the goods to make the brand worthwhile and to sell more. So, use it to make custom pillow boxes.

Tear-resistant weighs heavily

Kraft paper is tear-resistant, and you can cover it with heavy objects. So, you can use it for industrial and commercial applications since it protects the goods from environmental stress. So, you may move or transport your items without any damage to the customer’s site. The severe weather conditions and other aspects will never affect them.

Disintegration does not leave any residue

The decomposition of the material makes it better because it naturally degrades without leaving any toxins or waste particles. In the contemporary age, people understood why we should preserve our planet. Naturally, the goods and companies that constantly go green to cover the things are thus attracted.

Ideal for Food Packaging

Custom Wholesale Food Boxes of all sizes and materials need dry food, such as wafers, snacks, and baked bread and cakes. Many of these foodstuffs need on-site packaging. For this purpose, use cardboard or kraft packaging boxes.

The custom kraft pillow boxes are also ideal for Party food packaging since they are robust and attractive. Kraft boxes are easy to fold, and the Kraft material is, above all, microwave compatible.

So you may prepare your parties and warm up the food according to your requirements. The kraft pillow boxes are most appropriate and demanding on the market as they can withstand the temperature.

Kraft paper is better than ordinary paper. Do you know why? Kraft paper has several characteristics which make it superior to ordinary paper. As mentioned before, it comes with strength, and here are some more great characteristics of the Kraft paper custom pillow boxes wholesale:


Kraft packing does not absorb interior or outside moisture. This implies that the fresh or frozen food in the box cannot affect the box. The weather outside the box cannot influence this since it is moisture resistant. It is not soggy and satisfies the consumer. Also, it is not only used to cover edible items; it is also good at preserving other things in their original state.

Cost-efficient and Useful  

Custom kraft pillow boxes are not pricey, and ordinary paper produces costly packing. Kraft is an economical marketing tool that enables the printing of features and graphics in any color and supports the promotion of products.

Kraft Pillow box packaging does not moisten up with the frozen food and does not freeze. It enables the food to affect the creative artwork printed on it permanently. No specific color selection restriction exists since the waterproof Kraft paper may be decorated with many color contrasts.


These materials are able to withstand folding and do not break under continuous pressure. This characteristic makes it the ideal material that protects the goods unharmed even when the load is on the box.

No waste Material

It breaks down like residue-free leaves. Kraft paper comes with no waste material and is one of the finest options for covering the goods.

You may use pillow boxes wholesale to keep food safe and simple to transport, as are food courts, restaurants, street food stalls, bakeries, and many other food outlets. In custom lunch boxes, food items such as sandwiches, snacks, salads, office lunch, dry cakes, and other things to be transported or delivered may be easily packed.

The fragrance of pizza kept in cardboard boxes or corrugated boxes must be supplied hot. It is possible to pack even a single slice of bread or sandwich. Make your bakery and food outlets stand out by using these appealing carton boxes. These custom kraft pillow boxes may also be the ideal Birthday Gift Food Boxes, bridal showers, and wedding celebrations.

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