Why Intelligent Sales Conversations Have a Greater Success Rate?


Any sales cycle aims to increase sales by turning leads into customers and building a long-term relationship with them. One part of creating long-term relationships with them is to ask them the right questions and probe their requirements. Asking intelligent questions or having a meaningful conversation with them keeps prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle and generates revenue. That’s one of the reasons why ‘traditional sales methods’ like discussions and phone calls are still widely used. 

How Does Adding Personalization in the Phone Calls Help in Generating Leads?

Selling products through personalization and cold calling is one of the top methods used by the sales team. Adding personalization to the conversation helps prospects go through more premium choices, giving out referrals and becoming repeat customers. 


Still, many organizations are unable to use personalization properly. Around 31% of people think that companies use the power of personalization to its fullest. 


The general approach to target a large number of leads through ads isn’t considered the best way anymore. Even if your ads are persuasive, they tend to meet user needs and automatically adapt to the user’s search criteria; it still isn’t considered as the ideal personalization method. 


Although, these methods work more effectively when used as a part of brand awareness. The ads and campaigns have a 2-5% conversion rate. And experienced sales reps know that they can achieve a higher conversion rate by directly connecting with the prospects over the phone. But they are not meant to close deals.


As previously said, phone conversations are one of the popular ways of selling products. Some reasons why phone calls are widely liked are:

  • Phone calls are not used as much as texts and emails. Hence, whenever it’s used, prospects feel unique and authentic.
  • Phone calls get more attention than emails, making it easy for sales reps to personalize pitches in real-time.
  • Phone calls tend to be more timely than any other communication method.


Whenever a prospect receives a phone call from a salesperson, the length of the sales cycle gets short, and they automatically feel like they are getting a personalized and caring experience from the company. It also allows conducting these conversations effectively, which may or may not happen in person. 


And personalization can quickly be done in a real-time conversation. If you want to achieve a high conversion rate, reaching out to leads and giving a one-on-one personalized pitch is the way to achieve those results.

Intelligent Conversations are those Where Customers Get Detailed Explanations

Explaining your products and services through a message often limits the ability to explain them in detail. The problem arises more when your business is using different strategies, for example, pay-per-click (PPC) or ads to capture new leads. Ads only allow 90 characters for the headline and 180 characters for the description which aren’t enough to explain things properly. That’s where real-time conversation plays an important role. It lets you easily explain your products to the prospects and build a strong relationship. 


The real-time conversation lets sales reps do the following:

  • Ask feedback from prospects to ensure they understand your message and if not, explain them again.
  • Solve all their questions based on the information shared.
  • Engage with them further as and when required.


If needed, sales reps can describe things further by giving a product demo. The best way to give a demo is to showcase it through a real-world explanation. Real-time conversations make it easy for the salesperson to provide examples. And you can also offer a demo through online meetings


In simple words, it can be challenging to provide value with a couple of lines of text. But having a proper conversation with the prospect makes it easy to fill the gap and answer any queries. 


Building a long-term relationship with a customer needs a lot of time and effort. If you want customers to bring referrals and repeat business, you need to give them value and address their needs and wants – which you can do by:

  • Phone calls
  • Real time conversations
  • Building strong bonds


These tools let your sales team know more about your target audience, offer personalized service, and get high conversion rates. Using these tools and enterprise software sales will help you to close more deals and also provide more value to the customers. Doing an in-depth conversation with leads also increases your understanding of your market, more sales engagement and also allows you to improve your weak points. 

It’s a fool-proof way to get more sales and achieve your goals. 


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